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Relapse after ESWT

Posted by DavidW on 5/19/05 at 19:17 (175336)

Doctors, is it normal to have a relapse several months after my ESWT treatment. I really have been taking it easy, and had many painfree days starting around 12 weeks post ESWT. Then, suddenly, around 16 weeks, right back to the pain upon standing or walking for any length of time greater than 15 minutes or so. I did take several short bike rides, which did not hurt at all during the activity. It has been two full weeks now, and my feet are aching me terribly. I have been resting, stretching and icing, and I hope that this did not completely reverse the healing I enjoyed so much, and for short a period of time. Is this possible?

Re: Relapse after ESWT

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/20/05 at 12:37 (175360)

It may take two ESWT applications. Also, remember the treatment triad and that ESWT is not a stand alone treatment so make sure you have the basics covered first -- See Scott's Heel Pain Book.