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Doctors are puzzled, but I think it is TTS, help

Posted by Darlene on 5/20/05 at 19:11 (175389)

Hi. I'm new. I've had foot pain for 6 months now. Dr. thought it was planters' faciitis, referred me to podiatrist, who only took x-rays, which showed nothing except some spurs. referred me back to dr for lower back MRI, which was fine. I'm on 1000 mg of Naproxin/day. Pain still there. Started under foot on soles of BOTH feet. I never heard of TTS before, is it new discovery? I went to neruologist yesterday, who did nerve test everywhere except for soles of feet. My heels and ankles hurt real bad some days, like NOW. My dr is puzzled by the pain, and does not seem to know what to do. The neurologist yesterday told me that she will test for Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome on June 13....on soles of feet. All else is ruled OUT, no diabetes, no MS, nothing else! TTS seems to be only thing my primary care dr does not know about. I've been waiting so long with this pain for some help. Can anybody help me understand this, and let me know more? I'm confused and in pain. I had to quit my 'stand-up' job for a sit-down job. I'm angry the pain has gone on so long. Can anybody email me for support please? thanks.

Re: Doctors are puzzled, but I think it is TTS, help

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/20/05 at 20:42 (175394)

TTS is basically the 'foot version' of carpal tunnel syndrome although our understanding of its causes are not quite as good as for the hand. It is a nerve entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve, the nerve that gives sensation to the bottom of your feet. Scar tissue can entrap the nerves casuing the problem or a growth can be placing pressure on the nerves.
Naproxen does little for nerve pain, being more for bone and joint pain.
Other drugs such as Tramadol and neurontin are more commonly used for nerve pain.

I am a bit puzzled as to why the neurologist would not do a nerve conduction velocity test on the soles of your foot FIRST.

Is the pain primarily on the bottom of your feet?
Is it noticeable at night?

Read through as much of this board as possible and don't hesitate to use the 'search' feature on the site as specific questions arise.

Re: Doctors are puzzled, but I think it is TTS, help

Dr. Z on 5/20/05 at 20:52 (175398)

This still could be Plantar fasciitis that just hasn't be treated correctly. Take medication without stretching, taping rest, physical therapy. possible local steriod injections just isn't going to get rid of your pain This has to be treated aggressively !!!

Re: Doctors are puzzled, but I think it is TTS, help

Robert B. on 5/21/05 at 07:41 (175408)

If the doctor prescribes Neurontin, take it with a little caution, a doctor prescribed it for me and I was wiped out after three days. I was in such a state that driving was a hazard, staying awake was a chore and remembering anything was out of the question. Right now I am wearing a Richie Brace w/ a custom orthotic during the day and what a difference. I was diagnosed with PF, TTS and tendon damage. The only drug I take now is an occasional Ibupofen, more so at night. Good Luck

Re: Doctors are puzzled, but I think it is TTS, help

Dr. Z on 5/21/05 at 10:19 (175418)

Good point and good treatment

Re: to Robert

chrisb on 5/21/05 at 18:02 (175443)

Robert - does the Ritchie brace take the weight off your heel when walking? Or just help with sideways movement? I'm looking for something that'll transfer the weight-bearing partly to my calf and keep weight off the heel itself.
Thanks for any information

Re: Chris

Robert B. on 5/22/05 at 08:58 (175461)

The brace to a point transfer the heal pressure to the leg and with the orthotics along the sole evenly distributing the weight. I suffer from PF, TTS and Peroneal Tendon problems (I personally believe both the TTS and tendon problem are the results of allowing Drs to do conservative treatment for PF over an extended period of time, the orthopedic surgeon I am seeing now also agrees).

I've been through tapings, shots, stretching, icing, physical therapy, neurontin (not good when your a pilot!) blah, blah, blah. The only treatment I have not tried is ESWT, I am still not totally convince that the cost of the treatments verus the success rate warrants either a single or multiple treatments. The pediatrist I was seeing spoke as if ESWT was the treatment to beat all treatments but was reluctant to provide an overall success rate. All I got was, 'You see a difference within 1 but up to 3 treatments'.

Anyway, since wearing the brace I seen a remarkable difference, being able to fly, work the horses, and enjoy life (except you feel a little dorky wearing shorts and the brace!?!?!)

Re: Chris

chrisb on 5/22/05 at 10:41 (175466)

Thanks Robert.
Interesting what you say about conservative treatment maybe precitpitating more problems. I wonder the same thing here. Orthotics haven't helped me.
Whatever my problem is (maybe trapped nerve in the heel somewhere, docs can't agree) I need to find a way to walk while keeping most weight off my heel. When you say the brace 'to a point' transfers weight to the leg, what would you estimate -- maybe half the weight? Less than that? How does it do that -- by strapping tight around the calf?
Can you wear a shoe with it?

Re: Chris

Robert B. on 5/23/05 at 22:26 (175578)

Here is a link to Richie Brace and an article about heel pain. It is a little long (OK, a lot of long) but it gives alot of information about conservative treatment and how the brace may help.