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Posted by Kathy G on 5/21/05 at 08:15 (175413)


How are your son and daughter? Is she still in a cast? I'm sorry. Between a mini-redecorating of my home, computer problems and being away, I've not been online much, and I can't remember. Is it both you and your daughter who have PF? I know your daughter is on crutches but isn't it almost time to have the cast taken off? Is your son's mono better?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Re: Tina

Tina H on 5/21/05 at 16:49 (175438)

Hi Kathy, Thanks for asking. My son had a horrible case of mono and ended up in the hospital, which was a blessing because he started getting better after that. Managed to make his senior prom and is back in time for finals. His grades have suffered, missing 3 weeks of honors calc and AP Physics has been a disaster. I'm sure he'll drop a letter grade in both but he doesn't seem to care. Fortunately he is already set for college. My daughter is still in the cast for pf. She managed to have one week with no pain in the non-casted foot, but now it's back in that foot. She has one and half weeks left in this cast and is supposed to have the other casted after that. We'll see, I'm hopeful... Hope your having fun mini-decorating. What are you doing? Tina

Re: Tina

KW on 5/22/05 at 14:32 (175476)

Tina - I'm happy to hear your daughter is making improvements. I'll keep a good thought for her. I know it can be hard.

Re: Tina

Suzanne D. on 5/22/05 at 16:42 (175490)

Tina, I'm glad to hear that your son is better and was able to be at his prom. It's too bad that there was not some way provided by the school system for him to keep up with his studies or time allowed for him to make up work so that his grades did not suffer.

But it sounds as if he is a smart kid, and in the end, a drop in his grades won't hurt him in college. Was he able to take the AP exams for physics or calculus? I hope he didn't have to miss those because of his illness.

My best to him and to your daughter. I hope she is able to have some improvement soon. PF is tough on anyone, but for a teenager, I am sure it is particularly tough.

Suzanne :)

Re: Tina

Kathy G on 5/23/05 at 08:39 (175524)


I'm so sorry that your son's Mono got so bad but very happy that he was able to make his prom. Is he still tired from it? (The Mono, not the prom:)) I can imagine his grades suffered. I guess NH isn't the only state that doesn't have help for students who are sick for extended periods. I'm glad it won't affect his college plans.

And my best to your daughter. As Suzanne says, it's hard to have PF but for an active teen, it's doubly difficult. I hope she sees some improvement over the summer vacation.

It was nice to catch up with you.

Re: Tina

Tina H on 5/23/05 at 21:27 (175572)

Hi Kathy, My son is no longer tired from the mono. Up to his usual tricks on the cell phone or computer until 1am. Think I liked him better when he was sick! (Just kidding!) My daughter got her new orthotics today. Boy are they different from the last ones, not even close. Wow didn't know they could be so different. These are very light weight, full length soft and flexible. They were made by someone like Rich who does his own work, they were not sent out. All 5 of the store's employees are board certified pedorthists, I noticed all their certifications on the walls. I hope these help! We all know people who've been cured with the right orthotics, maybe she'll be one, I know I'm praying. Thanks for asking.
How did the redecorating go? Tina

Re: Tina

Kathy G on 5/24/05 at 13:48 (175635)

It's getting there, Tina. We replaced our front and back doors and a window in the living room. The replacement of the front door was a major project. The door and sidelight that were there were custom made and didn't meet the dimensions of anything on the market. The contractor had to put wallboard next to the new sidelight and insulate it, etc.

I've always hated the brown woodwork in my house. I painted the kitchen picture window and the trim blue, several years ago, so decided to paint the picture window and new window in the living room white this year. What a job! I knew I'd have to put Bin on it first, but it took two coats of paint and I can still see places on the mullions where some brownish color shows through. You'd have to be looking for it. I'm sure I should have sealed the wood first and then put on the Bin. It had been subjected to almost forty years of direct sunlight so it just sucked the paint in.

Then I replaced the drapes with vertical blinds (bluish) and yesterday, my husband painted the walls in the living room so the project is finished except for some trim I need to do around the front door.

It was a lot of work but the finished product was well worth it. I was going to relocate some pictures but my daughter has moved back in for the summer and I just needed to get my living room put back together so at least one room is not in flux. Except for one instance, the pictures went back up where they were. I'm such a creature of habit that just replacing the drapes was change enough for me!:)

Re: Tina

John H on 5/25/05 at 09:52 (175693)

Last year I replaced 23 windows in my home with double pane tilt out, UV protected, vynl windows. It once took me several days to remove the metal storm windows and climb on a ladder to clean my windows. Now I do it in a couple of hours and no ladders. In my den which is wood paneled the new windows on the inside are the same color as the panel. the others more or less match the paint on the inside. Perhaps the best investment in my home I have made.

Other benefit: A few years ago while cleaning the windows a metal storm window came down in its track catching three finger tips. It pulled out three finger nails completely and broke three finger tips. This encougaged me to look at new windows. I could not even say 'ouch' as it took all the breath out of my lungs.

Re: Tina

Kathy G on 5/26/05 at 14:01 (175772)

Oh my gosh, I gasped when I heard what happened, John! That must have been so painful! I would like to get vinyl windows but there are two schools of thought on storm windows in NE and the prevailing sentiment seems to be that the amount of energy one saves with new windows is minimal, as long as the present aluminum storms are in good shape.

We've reached a point where we have to make a decision on whether we're making improvements on our home because we plan to stay here through retirement or we're going to move. The contractor who did our recent work said we were dangerously close to pricing ourselves out of the neighborhood. My father, a lumberman, always said that at a certain point, you made investments for yourself, not for resale value. That's obvioiusly why you put those windows in John. My husband is 57 and will work a while longer and he can't make up his mind about whether he'd like to move after retirement. Being a golfer, he'd sure like a warmer climate. I, on the other hand, hate the heat, so I don't know what we'll do. I just know I'm perfectly happy in my little house but I wouldn't mind a few months further south in the winter if that's what he'd like. Just so long as I don't have to stay South in the summer.

Ooh, I'm still cringing. Three fingers!