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Knee problems associated with orthotics?

Posted by marre on 5/21/05 at 09:35 (175415)

Has anyone experienced this? I was told to expect some knee tenderness at first but I have had the orthotics for over six months now. My doctor didn't prescribe them for my PF..he claimed he found a biomechanical issue that made them necessary. But now my knee is unstable and locks up even though I haven't been running or doing anything that would cause this. (PF is better though). Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Re: Knee problems associated with orthotics?

Liboralis on 5/21/05 at 19:22 (175445)

6 months is too long. Some orthotics can help or hurt the knee. Depends on what foot/knee/tibia alignment you are. In some cases, getting the feet perfect is too hard on the knee. I would ask him to take a look and if he says nothing is wrong or blows you off go somewhere else, or stop wearing them

Re: Knee problems associated with orthotics?

BenLee on 6/02/05 at 10:11 (176041)

Change the orthotics and see if you notice a difference. My knees depend heavily on my orthotics because everything starts from the foot up. See if your knees feel better wearing a different orthotic. Should only take a few days to conclude this.