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Posted by Matt P on 5/21/05 at 16:09 (175434)


I feel as though I benefitted from a series of six ART sessions last year at this time; however, without insurance to cover it I really could not afford continuing. I see now that my insurance offers 20 sessions of Accupressure (different from Accupuncture, but I don't know how). Is it possible that Accupressure could be another name for ART?

Re: Accupressure/ART?

HilaryG on 5/21/05 at 20:16 (175447)

Matt- I have had ART treatments and they are not the same thing as Accupressure. Sorry

Re: Accupressure/ART?

Matt P on 5/21/05 at 20:42 (175449)

I know what ART is... what is Accupressure? does anyone know?

Re: Accupressure/ART?

KW on 5/22/05 at 14:23 (175474)

Acupressure is similar to massage, but works with the same principles as acupuncture. The therapist trys to open up different energy pathways with a type of (what seems to be) deeper tissus massage. They will hold/massage an energy point for a long time to increase blood flow/energy to that area. This is my understanding... In my case, I don't think I'd want them massaging my feet, but the rest of my body would feel good.

Re: Accupressure/ART?

Ron on 5/22/05 at 14:27 (175475)

Although, my assumptions may not entirely be correct, acupressure has always reminded me of acupuncture without the use of needles. It's part massage, part acupuncture and part myotherapy.

Here are a few links that I briefly looked at:

And one from Google: