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to Robert B

Posted by chrisb on 5/21/05 at 17:59 (175442)

Robert - you posted about yiour Ritchie brace.
Does the Ritchie brace take the weight off your heel when walking? Or just help with sideways movement? I'm looking for something that'll transfer the weight-bearing partly to my calf and keep weight off the heel itself.
Thanks for any information

Re: Chris B

chrisb on 5/22/05 at 10:45 (175467)

Thanks Robert.
Interesting what you say about conservative treatment maybe precitpitating more problems. I wonder the same thing here. I tried ESWT by the way and didn't help.

Whatever my problem is (maybe trapped nerve in the heel somewhere, docs can't agree) I need to find a way to walk while keeping most weight off my heel. When you say the brace 'to a point' transfers weight to the leg, what would you estimate -- maybe half the weight? Less than that? How does it do that -- by strapping tight around the calf?
Can you wear a shoe with it?