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Scar tissue lump

Posted by Herms on 5/22/05 at 05:32 (175456)

I have a hard and painful lump on the front of arch towards ball of left foot. Diagnosed as calcium and scar tissue on fascia. I am a 50 mile/week runner so this is difficult to deal with. X-rays show bones are fine. Podiatrist suggested supporting ball and heal with extra inserts to keep arch from impact. How does this occur (don't remember any injury) and is surgery recommended? Doc said surgery may help but will lay me up for weeks and the scar tissue may reappear elsewhere. I'm 43years old and falling apart!!

Re: Scar tissue lump

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 5/22/05 at 20:25 (175508)

Hello Herms,

If you were diagnosed with a calcium deposit in soft tissue that would be considered to be a condition related to myositis ossificans. When you receive a trauma in a soft tissue, usually muscle, you can sometimes heal with calcium as opposed to scar tissue. But myositis ossificans is not painful to the touch unless it has entrapped a nerve. So I would doubt that there is calcium involved and it is more than likely a fibrotic lesion that has possibly entrapped a nerve. The injury to your foot is not an abrupt trauma but more commonly called an overuse injury (repetitive). Continuing to run that much will constantly stress the same tissue causing microtrauma. Prolonged microtrauma leads to a macrotrauma; hence the injury. I suggest a soft tissue assessment and treatment of the offending structures.