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neuroma surgery

Posted by Bob M on 5/22/05 at 07:54 (175458)

Had neuroma surgery 9 weeks ago. Still feel like crap. My doc says the other end of the nerve is healing. I dont understandwhat this means because I thought once the neuroma was cut out after 4-6 weeks I would be fine. I still have slight swelling and have trouble bending my toes. Are there any treatment options or do I sit tight and go out of my mind???????????????

Re: neuroma surgery

Ralph on 5/22/05 at 17:20 (175494)

I'm not a doctor, just have P.F. You might want to plug the word neruoma in the search site here and read what others have to say following their surgery if they had it.

The way I understand neruoma surgery and this comes from reading about it on the internet is that the nerve that is cut actually heals by forming a neruoma on each end. The trick if a trick is involved in doing this surgery is for the doctor to make certain that the ends of the original nerve where the neruoma was removed are placed into a fatty area of the foot so when the smaller neruomas form you do not feel them.

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons this may not always happen and now instead of one original neuroma you end up with two smaller ones the ones that formed on the ends when the nerve was cut.

In addition wounds heal by forming scar tissue and as far as I know depending on how your individual body heals you may grow more or less than someone else. Walking on scar tissue can be painfull too.

I remember Dr. Ed mentioning that there is a medication that just came back on the market that is suppose to help eliminate scar tissue. You should certainly ask your doctor about it. Sorry I don't have a name for you, but possibly Dr. Ed or someone else here will post it for you.

By all means keep communication open with your doctor and don't let him off the hook until you are feeling better. If you are in doubt you can always go for a second opinion. We walk on our feet so I think healing time is increased just keep on seeing your doctor and asking him questions. You're still an important person even though your surgery is over so expect him to continue treating you like one by seeing you and answering your questions.