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buying a new TV

Posted by Linda V on 5/22/05 at 12:57 (175471)

This is proving to be a lot more work than it used to be. I am overwhelmed with plasma, WEGA, EDTV, HDTV, projection, cable ready or have to get the box...all i want is a PICTURE to watch without spending a fortune. Truthfully, we will keep our good ole regular tv until it quits, but that time is coming soon so I better be prepared. Any ideas? Please keep it simple. I am electronically challenged. Thanks!

Re: buying a new TV

Ron on 5/22/05 at 16:08 (175484)

In the end you're still watching TV. You don't have to know all the ins and outs of these new technologies. If I were you I'd find something that has been around for some time with a good track record of low maintenance, a picture that looks really good, all within your price range.

And don't let the salesman tell you the picture will look better at home. It's his and the store's responsibility to advertise what is best to you. And also, the picture may look different at home under different light.

Re: buying a new TV

vince on 5/22/05 at 16:29 (175488)

The best TV is a broken one- ther is only garbage as the usual offering. A family would be better off doing things together other than sitting mute infront of the tv even if it's only hammering nails into a board.

Re: buying a new TV

vince on 5/22/05 at 16:35 (175489)

Besides who needs a TV when we have the PF social board. It's more fun than anything on TV especialy when you get people agitated and they type really long messages. You can mispell a word, that alwaysworks, or tell someone that they are too fat and that's why they have PF or you can tell someone that they looked better before they got that plastic surgery. Or-- you can ask advice on how to get rid of a wart from the end of your nose and that will be good for about 68 postings. Then you can read them to the family and have a quality evening together.

Re: buying a new TV

Carole C in NOLA on 5/22/05 at 18:03 (175499)

Linda, my friend Frank and I were looking at TV's at Best Buy today. It's amazing to see that there can be thousands of dollars difference between two TV's that do not seem too different from one another. He does not need a new TV yet, but we were just 'checking them out'.

I think that it's smart to wait until your present TV quits, because the prices on the new types of TV are coming down fast. Frank is thinking that he would like a plasma TV, and that they may be half their present price in a couple of years.

Carole C

Re: buying a new TV

Kathy G on 5/23/05 at 09:00 (175529)

Are you looking for a console or a portable? Our last two sets have been JVC's and I would highly recommend them. They are portable (but you'd have to be a gorilla to lift them) and I think our current one is a 32'. Both of my sisters and our best friends liked our set so much, they also bought JVC's. I just like the look of their picture. The Sony, which is supposed to have the best picture, is too bright for me.

As for HDTV, a friend just bought one but discovered that hardly anything is available in high definition in our area, so he returned it. For us, I don't think we watch enough TV to warrant HDTV, even if the technology gets here, but John H says I'm missing something special if I don't watch my football games on HDTV!

It sure is confusing, isn't it? Consumer Reports is a must, not just for their ratings, but as a general guide as to what to look for.

Is it hot down there? We're never going to see Spring. Sooner or later, we'll wake up to eighty-five degrees and it'll be Summer. I'm sure you've heard how rainy it's been here. I hope your enjoying the warmth of Florida!

Re: buying a new TV

John H on 5/23/05 at 11:44 (175537)

I have a 27' JVC LCD High Definition TV which has a dramatic picture even without high definition. Direct TV has around 9 high definition channels full time and of course some other specials and sporting events. Probably does not weigh 25 lbs.

I also have a tube type Panasonc 34' high definition ready TV also. The picutre is great but not as great as a slim plasma or LCD. Both TV's require a separate high definition receiver as you would not want to lock yourself in with a built in high definition receiver. There are still competing forces for which high def format will survive and the separate receivers can acomodate all the ones that are competing. Dish and Direct will give you a free receiver if you sign up for their services The tube type TV's weigh a lot. A typically 34' tube type will weigh in at around 100 lbs. A slim plasma would weigh in at around 50 lbs or less.

Most high definition is transmitted in the long slim 16' x 9' format but still works fine on the standard tube type square TV. I think the law will require at some point that all TV's be in the 16 x 9 format to standardize transmissions and formats. Depending on how long you keep a TV you should keep that in mind. Remember the Beta and VHS shoot out for the VCR market. Same thing is going on with the high def format.

The high definition ready TV's give you a better picture no matter whether you watch high def or not so I would sure go in that direction. A 34' high def ready Panasonic cost around $1000 and was rated along with Sony as the best in the 34' catagory by Consumer Reports. Cable in our area has high definition and you have to rent their receiver if you have a high def TV.

Re: buying a new TV

John H on 5/23/05 at 11:49 (175539)

Carole: There is a new type of TV that is sort of between a Plasma and a tube type. Looking at the picture side by side with a plasma I cannot tell the difference. A 50' Sony in this new type sells for about $1600 and weighs about 90 lbs. It is not as thin as a plasma but not as thick and big as a tube type. Plasma TV's run very very hot and one should think extended warranty when buying one of these. Best Buy tells me this new type is their biggest seller.

Re: buying a new TV

Carole C in NOLA on 5/23/05 at 16:42 (175557)

John, that must be the one that we saw at Best Buy. It was about $1600-$1700, and they put it right beside one that was $4500 and they looked almost the same! Thanks for the advice on the extended warrantee.

Frank will probably buy a new TV before I do. I have an HDTV-ready 32-inch top of the line Sony that I bought back in the summer of 2000. However, I am happy with basic cable, and so I don't even get digital cable much less HDTV. I still think it's the best reception I've ever seen; maybe I need new glasses! lol

When it dies (hopefully many years from now), I do plan to bite the bullet and get a plasma TV or maybe the hybrid type you are talking about, depending on how they compare by that time. I'd love to have a huge TV that I could actually lift.

Carole C

Re: To Vince~~Re: buying a new TV

Necee on 5/23/05 at 23:00 (175590)

I agree with you Vince, most people do watch too much TV. In my opinion, there's just not anything worth watching anymore. I long for the good old days when there were the variety shows, and lots of family entertainment.
Wonder what would happen if everyone turned off their tv for one night, and got involved with eachothers lives.


Re: To Vince~~Re: buying a new TV

John H on 5/24/05 at 10:24 (175623)

Neece there those among us who must watch the NFL and Major League Baseball. Also 'Lost' and 'Desperate Housewifes'. Before TV it was 'The Shadow', 'The Lone Ranger', and 'Intersanctum' on the radio. I did manage to do without TV for two years in Vietnam and one year in Iceland.

Re: To Vince and John H~~Re: buying a new TV

Necee on 5/24/05 at 11:31 (175627)

Oh, I forgot about those who have to have their sports 'fix'. Sorry about that John. You see, I USE to be an avid Cowboys fan back when Landry was coach, but when he was booted out by the new owner, Jerry Jones, I haven't been a fan since.
I pine for the days when there were shows like, The Red Skelton Show, Carol Burnett Show, The Waltons, etc...etc... My how times have chenged!


Re: The quality of television shows

Kathy G on 5/24/05 at 13:28 (175634)


We don't watch much televison but what we watch, we really enjoy. We are also the kiss of death. Two of our favorites, American Dreams and Jack and Bobby have been cancelled. They are going the route of Freaks and Geeks and My so-called Life, other shows we enjoyed. (I'm not using quotation marks; too much trouble.)

Like John, we enjoy Lost and Desperate Housewives, House, Monk and a few other really top notch television shows. You're right, they don't do variety shows anymore because they say that's not what the public wants to see. I suspect they might be surprised if one network had the guts to try one. I read an interview with Carol Burnett and she said it's not so much the public doesn't want it. It's that it would cost too much money to do a show like she did. It always boils down to dollars and cents.

And my son is a huge Cowboys fan. He got interested in sports when he was three, and I'm not exaggerating. His first criterion was the uniforms and he loved the Cowboys uniforms. And Roger Staubach was his first hero. He has an uncle who also attended Annapolis so that didn't hurt. He was hilarious. I would have to time my meals on Sunday around the Cowboys games. He would get so excited, he couldn't eat so we had to eat after the game. He'd pace around the living room and we used to refer to him as 'Young Tom.' All he needed was the hat.

He branched out and still loves all sports but I think his favorite is still football. And while he's a Patriots' fan, he still loves the Cowboys. When they hired Jimmy Johnson to coach them, he said it made it very difficult for him to like the team but he sticks with them through the good and the bad. He's nothing if not loyal.

As for me, my Sundays definitely revolve around football. I absolutely love it and I'll watch whatever teams are on (after or before the Patriots). I find that two games is my limit, though! Well, occasionally three if the Sunday night game is a good one.

Re: The quality of television shows

John H on 5/25/05 at 09:55 (175694)

Kathy: With the Patriots and Red Sox I would guess 99.99% of people in your area have TV.

When I was in Iceland and Vietnam I could sometimes climb to a high altitude and using a low frequency aircraft radio pickup some Cubs games if atmospheric conditions were right.

Re: The quality of television shows

Susan on 5/25/05 at 11:20 (175700)

I saw the movie Gaslight on tv for the first time last weekend. They don't make movies like they used to, that's for sure.

Re: The quality of television shows

Kathy G on 5/26/05 at 13:52 (175771)

I've never seen that one but it was one of my mother's favorites, Susan. I should check it out. She always said it was one of her favorites, as was Mrs. Miniver and Valley of Decision, two others I've never seen. In her day, (She was born in 1915) if you got into the theatre before 6PM on Fridays, it was only I think it was 25 cents. Does that sound right? Yes, I think that was what it was. After 6PM, the prices went up. My father and she would meet at the theatre after work and then go out to dinner afterward.

It sure was a different time.