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Neuro-Reflex Therapy

Posted by Terry on 5/22/05 at 22:08 (175515)

In another post I asked if ART was anything like Reflexology. I now see a a lady who does Neuro-Reflex therapy. It has helped me with my PF and I began seeing her in early March. I had a relapse a little over a week ago and I'm now going in to get massaged this coming Wednesday as well as last Wednesday, May 18th. Here is the URL of the institute where she got her training:


I found her when she was running a small ad in a newspaper. Anyway, I thought I would pass this on.

Re: Neuro-Reflex Therapy

John H on 5/23/05 at 11:24 (175536)

Reflexology I believe is based on the assumption that there are spots on your foot that effect other organs in your body such as the liver,lungs,kidneys,etc. By working on these spots you effect some sort of positive effect on these organs. A question posed on the Seinfield show was when Jerry asked Kramer where was the spot on the foot that effected the foot? Apparently there is not one. I am not a fan of reflexology but to each his/her own.

Re: Neuro-Reflex Therapy

Tboblet on 5/23/05 at 13:39 (175551)

I get a good massage out of the treatments anyway. And it costs $75. I guess that's not too bad. I'm beginning to start at low cost treatments and work my way up to other ones when necessary.