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Weird sensation in toe

Posted by Bob J on 5/23/05 at 09:59 (175533)

I have been diagnosed as having PF in my right foot. I am now wearing custom orthotics for 1 week. But before being diagnosed, I have always had a burning sensation in both my feet, after being on them a few hours.
For the last 3 weeks my large toe, right foot, feels like there is sand or small pebbles underneath it. There is no pain, but when I put pressure on it by standing, then I feel it. There is slight swelling but not sore.
Has anyone any idea what it could possibly be?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Weird sensation in toe

Joseph D. on 5/24/05 at 16:53 (175640)

Do You also have lumps in mussels, excesive scar tissue that formed after initial healing, stiff joints ? I was also diagniosed with PF. I also had simuler sensation in my toes and lumps in the pad of my foot, mine were very painfull. After living with this for three years, I found olive Leaf. It seemed to get worse for the first week. Remarkable improvment after two months getting a little better every day.

Re: Weird sensation in toe

Bob J on 5/25/05 at 07:41 (175680)

Hi Joseph
Thanks for your reply. No, I have no lumps, just that weird feeling in the bottom of my large toe.You mentioned olive leaf helped you. Is this an oil that you apply to the affected area?


Re: Weird sensation in toe

Ralph on 5/25/05 at 08:27 (175684)

Have you removed the orthotics to see if the weird sensation went away?
Maybe your new orthotics are causing the new problem. Every part of the foot is related to another part. You tweak one area and that can have a ripple effect on another.

You've been in your orthotics for 3 weeks. I'd remove them and see what happens? You can always put them in your shoes again. Quite possibly they may need some adjustment and could be the source of you new problem. Want you to know I'm not a doc. Just my 2 cents of advice.

Re: Weird sensation in toe

Bob J on 5/25/05 at 19:06 (175730)

Hi Ralf
Thanks for replying. Maybe I didnt explain myself very well, I had the toe problem for 3 weeks, but just got the orthotics a week ago. So I doubt if the orthotics is the problem, although your suggestion would make sense if I was wearing them before I had the toe problem.
I just had the toe x-rayed and nothing showed up as a problem.
I just bought a pair of New Balance shoes, and man do they feel good on the feet. Hopefully with new shoes, and new orthotics, maybe the problem will soon go away.

Again thanks for the suggestion


Re: Weird sensation in toe

Kim B on 7/02/05 at 21:34 (177739)

I got the feeling of numbness in my toe after wearing Alzner orthotics I bought recently. They did help take the strain off my heel but i can't go around with a numb toe either.