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Plantars Fascitis cause Heel Spurs ??

Posted by GAIL S. on 5/23/05 at 14:13 (175553)

I am wondering if P.F. and Heel spurs are the same condition or seperate issues. Does one cause the other. I was told by one Dr. they are seperate causes of pain.. Another Dr. says heel spurs, are a result of inflamation due to the plantars fascitis.
Do heel spurs even cause pain ??? or is it the inflamation of the fascia ? Thanks......gail s.

Re: Plantars Fascitis cause Heel Spurs ??

Ron on 5/23/05 at 20:06 (175568)

Heel spurs can be present with or without pain or with or without PF.

Re: Plantars Fascitis cause Heel Spurs ??

Tina H on 5/23/05 at 21:20 (175571)

Gail, I'm not a doctor but I do not think that the pain is caused by the heel spurs but rather due to the inflammed fascia, and/or tearing fascia. The heel spur results when your body trys to release the stretching pressure on the fascia by actually 'extending' the bone so the facsia doesn't have to stretch as far. It's a compensation mechanism. At least this is my understanding. Maybe I'm wrong! Doctors?.....