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A itch that that swells

Posted by Jackie B on 5/23/05 at 14:45 (175555)

My foot starts to itch really badly right in the arch. And then it swells up and it causes really bad pain. What is that? It is starting to happen more often now. Could it be some kind of inside infection? This has been going on for a while.

Thanks for your help.

Re: A itch that that swells

Ralph on 5/23/05 at 16:57 (175560)

I'm not a doctor, but trying to get a diagnosis on the internet is a foolish thing to do. You need to see a doctor that can examine your foot, take a medical history and maybe even order some tests.

Without this we'd all be guessing at what you have and most of us are note even doctors. When your health is in question you shouldn't settle for our guesses.

My advice is to see a doctor. If you still have questions about his diagnosis or suggested treatment post again.

Re: A itch that that swells

John H on 5/24/05 at 10:09 (175618)

Ditto to Ralph's advice Jackie. See a Doctor and be armed with questions.

Re: A itch that that swells

Kathy G on 5/25/05 at 07:51 (175682)

Ditto. I itch whenever I swell, no matter what part of my body it is, but you need to find out whether it's from swelling, and if so, why, and only a doctor can diagnose it properly. Good luck!