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just had heel surg today

Posted by todds on 5/24/05 at 01:02 (175606)

Just had endo. fasciotomy on one foot today. Not too bad of an experience. Can I started trying to stand or put pressure on it in a couple of days? Or should I stick to crutches for awhile?

Re: just had heel surg today

Ron on 5/24/05 at 05:40 (175607)

Not that I don't think your question is legitimate, but shouldn't your doctor have explained this to you? These message boards shouldn't be a replacement for medical advice but works best as an adjunct to it.

Re: just had heel surg today

Dr. Z on 5/24/05 at 18:01 (175653)

Rest Rest

Re: just had heel surg today

Brian C on 6/13/05 at 01:06 (176641)

Please update us on the outcome of the surgery 6 months from now.

Re: just had heel surg today

Orfie on 6/19/05 at 14:18 (177070)

I had heel surgery on May 5, 2005. I was in a walking boot with crutches and now I am able to walk in a gym shoe.
You should be off you foot and have lots of rest.
I have pain on the top of my foot and the ball of my foot. Did you have that kind of pain too? What seems to work for you?