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Tarsal / Plantar

Posted by Looking for Answers on 5/24/05 at 10:01 (175614)

Has anyone experiencing both pf and tts sypmtoms found a way to determine if you have both? I feel tingling at ankles, burning in feet and I'm helped by taping. Hard to believe I have both pf and tts (and in both feet) but looking for conclusive diagnostic. Going for MRI on Friday. They say even that's not conclusive. Any thoughts?

Re: Tarsal / Plantar

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/24/05 at 17:58 (175651)

Did you have a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV)?
How much of the pain did the taping take away? (This is another way of asking how much of the pain is originating from the plantar fasciitis)

Re: Tarsal / Plantar

Looking for Answers on 5/25/05 at 09:36 (175690)

Thanks for the response Dr. Ed.

The taping does great. It really cuts down on the pain. But later in the day buzzing begins around the ankles and then all over the feet. Have had pin pricks up the legs. The same sort of buzzing has started at night. Strangely I have similar things going on with the hands. But have been long time typist and have used the hands vigorously to compensate for leg pain.

I'm still walking and trying to keep up with the stretches but with all the rest I have lost alot of muscle in the legs and seem to be pressing on other nerves. Strangely I still have pretty good strength. The feet also get cold and later swell up during the day. The nerve conduction test came back negative for tarsal tunnel but I have an MRI for both feet this weekend.

Obviousely I'd like to only have tarsal but these other syptoms are making me think otherwise.

I have used the feet very vigourously over the years I'm a New Yorker so . . . lots of walking. Very interested in your hyaluronidaise treatment Dr. Ed. Do you have an email address where one of my physicians could consult. Pods and Docs don't seem to know about it. It sounds like a great option instead of surgery which I'd love to avoid.

Thanks again

Re: Tarsal / Plantar

lara on 5/25/05 at 09:59 (175696)

I think some people probably have both.

I think some people are diagnosed with both, but only have one (probably TTS).

Many people have remarked how odd it is to have the symptoms in both feet. So many, that although it seems odd, perhaps it isn't that odd. My podiatrist says she sees it frequently enough. As an additional curiousity, although I have symptoms in both feet, if I treat one foot, both feet get better, and if I treat the other foot, neither foot gets better.

Having a definitive diagnosis is helpful, but not always essential. Many of the treatments are common, and some that aren't common to both are fairly easy to try to see if you get relief. Along that line, I'd try compression socks, They are helpful for some people with TTS (they were magic for me) but don't help PF (but I don't think they hurt PF. If they do, just take the socks off.) I suggest it because your history sounds similar to mine. Some doctors still think I have PF. I have symptoms in both feet. Taping and orthotics helped me, but in the end all they did was slow the progression. I don't have tingling in my ankles, but I do have burning on the soles of my feet. I believe tingling and burning are classic symptoms of nerve involvement.

As you say, an MRI is helpful if they find something, but and MRI doesn't always show something (sometimes because it's not there, and sometimes it doesn't show something that is there).

Good luck.

Re: Tarsal / Plantar

Looking for Answers on 5/25/05 at 10:00 (175697)

I meant to say obviousely I wish I only had plantar . . . and I got your email address off of another post. Thanks again for championing this sight. Folks in a bad way can use the insights.

Re: Tarsal / Plantar

Looking for Answers on 5/25/05 at 12:43 (175708)

PS Dr. Ed what sort of success rate have you had with the hyaluronidaise. Don't know if you've done conclusive studies just thought I'd ask. Thanks

Re: Tarsal / Plantar

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/03/05 at 20:21 (176095)

My email address is (email removed)