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Walkfit orthotics?

Posted by Jen S on 5/25/05 at 10:40 (175698)

Has anyone tried these? I ordered them because even though I normally do not trust the infomercial it looked perhaps legit. I tried them for an hour today like the manual says to break them in and was very uncomfortable. Suppose I will try them for a few weeks and see what happens. Just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with this product and what results?

Re: Walkfit orthotics?

Tboblet on 5/25/05 at 11:32 (175703)

I saw the informercial last weekend and wondered about those. I thought of ordering but I decided to try a pair of arch supports from Rite Aid store called Airplus which are the soft type. I decided to switch to the soft ones for a while. But no, I have not ttried the Walkfits yet.

Re: Walkfit orthotics?

Ron on 5/25/05 at 16:11 (175721)

You should read the information on their website. They mention that it could take up to 3 weeks to get used to them, which might be true. They give other advice as well.


Re: Walkfit orthotics?

mike on 5/25/05 at 19:57 (175732)

Purchased a pair 2 weeks ago. They were uncomfortable at first but were more supportive than my custom orthotics. I now feel ae though they have made a big difference in my being able to walk with little or no pf discomfort. I hope this lasts!!!!

Re: Walkfit orthotics?

Robert L. on 6/01/05 at 08:39 (175970)

I ordered a pair almost a year ago. It was painful the first 2 days, then my feet adjusted and they stopped hurting. They have really helped me!!!

Re: Walkfit orthotics?

Melissa B. on 10/08/05 at 11:27 (184314)

I ordered a pair for my husband from their website the first week in July. Walkfit debited my account the following day. I never received confirmation of the order, nor have I received the merchandise for which I paid! I cannot tell you how uncooperative the customer support people have been. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?

Re: Walkfit orthotics?

pissed off on 8/15/06 at 16:08 (207377)

yes it has been 3 weeks and I still have not recieved my orthotics