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PF Pain

Posted by Tricia on 5/25/05 at 14:18 (175713)

I've had pain in my right heal for over 3 years. I've been getting cortizone shots every 3 months for 3 years. My doctor said that my heels are no longer responding to the shots. I don't know what else to do. I'm in so much pain, and I live in MO and cannot find any DR.s to help me. Tried the physical therapy before I found this DR to give me shots. I was fine with the shots, but DR. will no longer give them to me. What is my next step? Can you help please.

Re: PF Pain

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 5/25/05 at 15:19 (175717)

Tricia, the doctor(s) should not have given you so many cortizone injections in that time frame. They definitely were not looking out for your best interest. You have ceased suffering from plantar fascitis but you have gone into the chronic fasciosis. The cortizone is used to decrease inflammation but is also causes a laying down of fibrotic tissue (scar tissue). Having that many shots probably has caused a significant fibrotic build-up. You need a doctor to use manual methods to breakup the fibrotic lesions within the fascia. Have them look into your legs for tight muscles and you need to regain the flexibility of your plantar fascia.

Re: PF Pain

Tricia on 5/25/05 at 17:24 (175723)

Thank you so much for your help. I will contact another DR. to see what they can do to help me. At least I have a direction now. Monday when called my DR to get another shot, he wanted to try physical therapy after all those shots. I've already done that. Thanks again!