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Getting ready for 2nd PF Release Surgery on the same foot

Posted by Nikalex on 5/26/05 at 10:57 (175760)

I worked for 10 years as a clerk at a Grocery Store (on my feet for 8-10hrs a day). In Dec 02(after about 6 months of thinking it was my shoes) my pain in my left foot had gotten to the point that when I came home and sat down, I could not get back up. I was miserable! After 8 months of endless Physical Therapy, Cort. Shots, night splint, orthodics and even a cast to imobilize...I had the release surgery in Aug 03. I did feel the pain was less than before the surgery, but gradually it came back. I went back to PT and more shots. I cant be on my feet for more that 1-2 hours or I am in pain. In May 04 I had an MRI that confirmed that my PF had returned. I feel that PT is not helping me, yea it feels good to get my foot massaged, but my pain is still there later. I wear Lidocane patches, but that is really only masking my pain. After consulting with my Dr, he feels that I have en taped nerves and scar tissue along with the PF. He has no idea if another surgery will releive my pain, so it really is a shot in the dark. Since I have been in pain this long, I feel that I have to give it a chance! My dr did offer to do ECSWT, but after appealing to my insurance company twice....they will not pay.
Any Comments would be appreciated

Re: Getting ready for 2nd PF Release Surgery on the same foot

Ralph on 5/26/05 at 15:27 (175776)

I'm not a doctor, but from reading various posts on the surgery board if I were you I wouldn't rush back into having another surgery.

One question I'd ask you is did you see and read your MRI report? If not get a copy of it and read what it says. Considering that it was done in May of 04 it seems to me that new tests should be done and the doctors on this site are saying that ultra sound is better than having an MRI done to diagnose P.F. It's a specific type of ultra sound so you may want to check into this.

In addition, if I were you I'd go for a second opinion especially since your doctor is suggesting additional surgery. It may take a couple of other doctor's opinions to help you know exactly what is causing your problem and whether additional surgery is really going to resolve the problem.

Surgery isn't always the best solution and no one needs additional surgery unless its really needed. Many people have posted that having surgery after surgery hasn't lead them to being pain free instead when there was no improvement following their unsuccessful surgeries they were finally sent to pain clinics for pain control.

As I said I'm not a doctor, but my suggestion is definitely get another opinion. Entraped nerves are nothing to fool with and the guy better know what he is doing. Read the surgery and TTS board for a while and search older posts. You need to know what you are getting into if you sign on to another surgery.

Re: Getting ready for 2nd PF Release Surgery on the same foot

BRENDA P on 5/31/05 at 15:43 (175942)

I am also getting ready for the second surgery on both feet and I am concerned that it will not help either. I did get relief of the ever aching pain and the feeling that something had fallen over the top of my foot and would not release and it radiated to the inside of the foot. Now, I have the same thing happening but it seems to be more under the foot and to the outside of the foot involving the toes and sometime up the front of the leg. I am taking Neurontin 800 mg. three times daily and it helps a lot. The only thing that bothers me with Neurontin is that it affects the brain and you always feel a little off and my memory is compromised. I have been told (not from the doctor but the PA) that sometimes he will use a SILICONE SLEEVE over the nerve to deter scar tissue from forming.

My question is has anyone experienced this and did the second surgery help.