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PF TT or what?

Posted by Bill on 5/26/05 at 11:04 (175761)

Good thread, didn't know it but this burning feet thing is more common than you would think. I was beginning to think I was a freak case. Anyway, I've had burning feet for a little over a year still with no real diagnosis. I'm 52, flat footed and do have some disk degeneration. I have had detail MRI's, nerve conduction tests, feet x-ray's, blood tests- you name it. The neuro ended up giving me neuortin also. Doesn't do anything but make me sleep better. Sometimes my feet don't burn, other times one burns and not the other. Usually goes away when I lie dowm. Sitting seems to make it worse than walking. My calf muscles twitch some times also. Have no weakness at all, just the burning. Currently seeing a chiropractor who thinks it is PF and is treating it with the Graston technique. Also started with a massage therapist. Both are working on the pf. MT also working on calf muscles and muscles in the butt area I have tried to diagnosis it myself but can not d3efinetly tell if it starts in lower back or the ankle. Dr. Ed what do you think.