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help with talking points please!

Posted by messed up foot on 5/26/05 at 13:47 (175768)

I've posted questions before but I'm getting frustrated and hope for some advice before I see the ortho next week. Had peroneal tendon repair Dec'04, TTS and partial plantar fasciectomy Feb 05 - all on the same foot. Now I have lymphedema too. Preop, I walked 3-4 miles/day briskly.
Slowly, now I am back to almost 3 miles but not yet as fast. I'm very motivated to get back to an active life!

So what am I asking this time? I still cannot go to tiptoes using only my left foot. Shouldn't I be able to by now? I didn't have arch pain before the surgery but now I do. I didn't have lateral heel pain before the surgery - now I do. The morning first step pain is back too. I still have no feeling in the center of my heel and now the medial side of my heel up into the TTS scar is completely numb (hypertrophic too). And as an added bonus, the lateral side of my ankle over the peroneal tendon scar is painful again. I almost forgot that whenever I wear any kind of shoe, my first 3 toes go numb. Take off the shoe and the numbness goes away. Sadly, I can't wear sandals and orthotics :-). At the last visit, the ortho blamed all the pain/numbness on the lymphedema. But I have no swelling in the morning and the symptoms are all present. My ortho's last comments indicated that there is nothing else wrong with my foot but my instincts are that something just isn't right. Any ideas that won't come across as threatening to a surgeon with a BIG ego?

Re: help with talking points please!

Dee on 5/27/05 at 07:52 (175804)

Is it the plantar aspect of the first 3 toes? If it only goes numb when you wear shoes, then something must be pressing on a nerve - perhaps the medial plantar nerve which innervates the first 3 toes. Hopefully the docs will respond with better info. for you. Are you ok when you wear sandals? If so, maybe you could wear sandals for a while until things hopefully settle down. I've read that Bite sandals are good for walking and even running.

Re: help with talking points please!

messed up foot on 5/27/05 at 09:15 (175807)

Sandals help and the numbness goes away but they don't give me enough support for all day wear. I love my Birkenstocks!

Thanks for the advice.

Re: help with talking points please!

KW on 5/27/05 at 13:12 (175812)

Try Chacos. They have great support and people have even recommended them for hiking. Right now, mine seem to be the only thing that give me enough support. You can find them at REI.