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exercises: after bunion/hammertoe surgery

Posted by D on 5/26/05 at 18:09 (175789)

Foot and toes are very tight. what is the best exercises?

Re: exercises: after bunion/hammertoe surgery

Mike W on 5/27/05 at 08:34 (175805)

Hello D,

If you want to isolate individual toe and foot muscles you should check out my website http://www.foottrainer.com . Click Plantar Fasciitis and you will see some of the exercises.


Mike W

Re: neuropathies

Suzy D on 5/27/05 at 17:42 (175816)

How can one be sure what is causing the foot leg pain? So may times tests bome back negative, despite pain that mimics PF, TTS, PN, RSD. How can one be sure what one is dealing with when some physicians are not even sure. I have been dxed with some, one, and all of the above. Any suggestions, since this pain in feet and legs has been a constant for ten years now. One tendon release surgery just worsened the whole condition and made it bilateral. The more physicians I see, the more confused I become. Thanks, Suzy