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Memorial Day

Posted by Necee on 5/27/05 at 10:21 (175808)

Happy Memorial Day to all those who have fought, and are still fighting so that we may remain safe and free. May we always remember their sacrifices, and honor them all with the pride and dignity they deserve.

And to those families who have loved ones fighting now, God bless you, and may your loved one return home safely and soon.

Happy Memorial Day!


Re: Memorial Day

vince on 5/27/05 at 18:01 (175817)

I'll raise my glass to that! Our debt to those who have died and to those who have lived a life of pain for our freedom is beyond our ability to repay. Next time we see a soldier in uniform or meet one you know has served we are all indebted to say Thank You.
I'll start- THANK YOU JOHN H. and to all the others here that I do not have knowledge of.

Re: Memorial Day

john h on 5/27/05 at 19:43 (175821)

Thank you Vince. You would have never seen anything like this written after Vietnam but in the last few years complete strangers have walked up to me upon seeing a Purple Heart tag on my car and said thank you. I say to you Vince: Thank you!

Re: Memorial Day

john h on 5/27/05 at 19:52 (175823)

In my travels I have visited some unique cemeteries. On the border between Burma and Thailand near the Bridge Over The River Kwai is a lovely cemetery with soldiers buried there from WWII. It is in the jungle and well kept with flowers and palms. Mostly British soldiers are here but there are men from Australia and other nations. Most of them died building the infamous bridge over the river Kwai. I often wondered if the families of these dead in this far off remote place know where they are? Of course many of our aircrews are missing in the jungles of Laos and there whereabouts is known only to God.

Re: Memorial Day

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/27/05 at 20:13 (175824)

Thank you John To all: have a great Memorial Day Weekend. I will be away for 3 days up in Canada with my family so will get back to the doctors board tuesday.

Re: Memorial Day

Suzanne D. on 5/27/05 at 22:52 (175833)

Amen. I echo your sentiments, Necee.

Thank you, John H. and Brian G. and other veterans who may read and post here.

I live near Ft. Knox, and so I often see soldiers when I'm out shopping. I'm struck by how young they look - perhaps since my daughters are 19 and 24, and I realize many are their ages.

I know an older gentleman - retired Navy - who makes it a habit to frequent area restaurants and will spot a young soldier, perhaps one with a family. He will secretly go and pay the soldier's bill and then leave. What a surprise for the soldier when he goes to pay and is told, 'Someone who wants to thank you has paid for your meal'.

That gentleman lost his only grandson in a traffic accident recently. Someone the police were after ran right into his grandson while he was stopped at an intersection. So 'Chief', as he is called, is on my mind particularly this Memorial Day.

Suzanne :)

Re: Memorial Day

Kathy G on 5/28/05 at 10:55 (175841)

What a touching story, Suzanne. Yes, our thanks go out to all the veterans and present men and women serving, not to mention those who have given their lives. Without them, the rest of us would not be able to be wondering what we're going to barbeque this weekend or what gardening we are going to do.

Since I don't have younger children anymore, I don't know if they talk about the meaning of Memorial Day in school, but I always made a point, even when my children were older, to remind them why they had this day off from school.

Re: Memorial Day

vince on 5/29/05 at 12:10 (175875)

Good day for planting. My wife is busy digging in the garden. I told her she's got make the hole a liitle deeper and much longer. She is a fairly tall women. I also have to watch out for my nosey neighbors.

Re: Memorial Day

John H on 5/31/05 at 10:45 (175924)

Good weekend for watching the rain Vince. My grass is getting very tall.