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itchy left Heel

Posted by JasonM on 5/28/05 at 12:21 (175843)

I am a 25yr old healthy male and for the last 3 months have been suffering from a very very itchy left heel. It is only on my left heel and it tingles and feels like it is coming from inside my heel, it occurs in one spot and goes then can come back in another spot. I also get it when i am sleeping at night and it wakes me up.

I thought it migt be athletes foot symptoms as i am prone to it, but i have got every athletes foot cream, spray powder(scholl,Mysil,Daktarin,lamisil) but none of them seem to be working. I don't know what else to try and i am getting annoyed as i am constantly itching my heel and getting woken up by it, please help.

Re: itchy left Heel

KW on 5/29/05 at 15:15 (175878)

Jason, you should make an appointment with a doctor. It's best to get these things checked sooner than later.

Re: itchy left Heel

Ron on 5/29/05 at 16:46 (175879)

I've never heard of this before, but my search brought this up.

Subject: Itching

'I am about ready to chop off my feet because of how itchy they are, especially the heels, and more noticeably at night! The itching has been a major contributor to chronic insomnia, and sometimes nothing works to get rid of it. My feet don't look like anything's wrong with them, unless of course I have scratched them so terribly trying to stop the itching. I've been to a dermotologist who gave me some cream that doesn't work, and I've tried almost every over the counter anti-itch cream available. It sounds so silly, but it's having a major, negative effect on my life. Please help give me some ideas of what it may be and what I could use to help.'

Dr. Kasdan's response: 'It is not silly. I have seen several similar cases, and I know how uncomfortable you must be. In the cases I have seen, the causes have turned out to be:

[The rest is at the URL above]

Re: itchy left Heel

jonathan on 2/19/06 at 12:21 (193768)


i have had the same thing for 8 years, both my heels itch, it feels like its under the skin and i cant itch it, it comes and goes, and its very itchy, it can wake me up, also nothing works to help it..


Re: itchy left Heel

Marin B. on 8/07/06 at 22:22 (206636)

No one has any ANSWERS! I have searched the Internet for hours only to find others like me on message boards asking for help. Doctors can't put their fingers on it.
Common symtoms from my research...
No visible signs of anything
Most noticable at night in bed, even waking people up in mid sleep
It feels as if it is coming from the inside out and scratching only momentarily makes it stop
People have tried foot creams, pumous stones, even sand paper to try and make it stop with no relief

The one thing that a doctor pointed out that may be true is that it is common in people who wear sandals a lot. I live in Florida and wear them almost everyday. I wish I could help. I have been dealing with this for about a month now, but I have found people who have had this problem for YEARS! I am going to start a web site in the hopes of finding answers.

Re: itchy left Heel

SelenaH on 8/09/06 at 22:42 (206861)

This is WAY TO WEIRD!!!My left heel a little to the inside of heel is itching me, too! It is like it is on the inside - at first I thought ...oh just a little itch, but it kept on and on...until now I am here on the internet trying to find out what this is or could be. Of course like the others, no visible sign of anything- it is like it is in the inside of my heel - like my veins or something? I have never had athelete's foot, but am an avid runner. This condition with my heel has just developed in the last month and the little annoying itch does not go away....very weird!

Re: itchy left Heel

Ryan L. on 9/09/06 at 23:54 (209814)

Looks like we're all on the same boat. I'm 30 and my left heal has been itching for almost a year now, and I'm cruising the internet to see if this is a symptom of something--athletes foot, heel spur. I am an avid cyclist and I run a couple times a week, and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. All I know is that it's very annoying and I think I may go see a pediatrist.

Re: itchy left Heel

Joe on 10/18/06 at 22:13 (213678)

I am right there with all of you guys. My itching started about a week ago and I am going crazy. Does anyone have a solution yet?

Re: itchy left Heel

Ryan L. on 12/30/06 at 09:47 (218369)

I have found something that has pretty much cured my itchy left heel. My dad has nerve problems in his legs and the podiatrist told him to take B Complex vitamins, so I figured I would give it a shot. I have been taking them every day for about 4 months now and the itch has totally gone away. It took about 2 weeks until I could tell the difference. I am pretty sure this is what helped it because I stopped taking the vitamin for about a week and it came back, then I started taking it again and now the itch it gone. So, hopefully those that have posted here will come back to the site and try it out.

Re: itchy left Heel

Charlie M on 12/30/06 at 19:07 (218430)

Amazing; I have it too (started about a month ago. It wakes me up at night. During the day I don't even feel it unless I sit at my desk for a while, inactive. I tried cortisone creams, Tinactin, everything. The only thing that relieves it is scratching. It feels like it comes from the inside but is on the surface. I am a long distance runner - I thought it might be associated with pounding the heel. Very wierd. I'll try the vitamin cure.

Re: itchy right heel

Kevin M on 1/30/07 at 23:46 (221197)

I have the same problem! Except it is my right foot and it is to the inside, just in front of my heel. I too am an athlete. I looked in an anatomy book and it seems like it is around the location of some of the plantar nerves. In my web searching, I ran into a similar question by someone and there was an answer from a podiatrist that indicated it might be an inflammation of certain nerves and that regular (3-4 x per day) stretching might help. He also said one might want to see a neurologist or podiatrist (or maybe both). In my own experience so far, scratching does nothing, but massaging the area and stretching have offered temporary relief. I will try stretching 3-4 x per day as recommended and see if that helps.

Re: itchy right heel

trevZ on 3/02/07 at 13:05 (224013)


Re: itchy right heel

JoniC on 3/02/07 at 13:06 (224014)

I have had the same problem for over 5 years, and it has gotten progressively worse. Currently both of my heels are itching for most of the day, and throughout the night. I am lucky to get 3 or 4 hours of interrupted sleep per night. The only thing that brings temporary relief is freezing my heels with ice packs. As soon as they warm up again the itch returns. I have seen a team of dermatologists, all of whom agreed I should see a neurologist after having prescribed several creams and instructed me to moisturize like a crazy person and take oily baths. My heels are now soft as a baby's bottom, but still itchy, like everybody else, 'from the inside.' After initial tests, the Neurologist I saw didn't seem to think I have any type of neurological problem. I had a Nerve Conduction Study done anyway and will receive the results next Friday. I am also scheduled for an MRI to see if there's anything wrong with the nerves near the part of my spine that connect with my heels (as I understand it), or perhaps that vertebrae. I read somewhere that the nerve receptors that recognize itch are the same that recognize cold, so that is why freezing the itch makes it go away. I will try the B complex vitamin treatment mentioned above, but am skeptical only because it doesn't look like anybody else has had success with it. It has been concluded by many doctors that there is no fungus or micro-organism present, and it is not an allergy or something that can be remedied with anti-histamines. I have also tried every fly-by-night itch remedy cream or spray and have given up on those as well. I even had a nurse friend of mine obtain some Lidocaine from the hospital (I thought maybe the Orajel I tried wasn't strong enough) to try to numb the area, with no results at all. A topical oil called 'Neurogen' used to treat patients with nerve damage and pain brought no results either. I saw a Chinese Medicine doctor and she gave me strong herbs and did acupuncture for a while, but there was still no change. So here I am with y'all, hoping that somebody has had success with this problem that others tend to not take seriously. Thanks for any info anybody can offer!

Re: itchy left Heel

Jennifer B. on 3/25/07 at 07:46 (225908)

Did anyone find any answers to their ithcy heel problem? Mine started up about 3 months ago on my right heel, and won't go away. I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and am wondering if has anything to do with pregnancy. I know for a fact it is NOT athlete's foot, cause my girlfriend has that and it's totallly different. There are no visible signs of rash or anything. Just a deep deep itch that won't go away and is prodominant at night. HELP????

Re: itchy right heel

tony on 4/01/07 at 14:42 (226464)

i have the exact same thing: Itchy heel on my right foot, only at night, and it wakes me up almost every night now!!the itch is inside my heel, and i am forced to keep a fork by my bedside to scratch it , sometimes until it bleeds!!
I am going desperate, i need a solution cause i cant go on with these restless nights!!

Re: itchy left Heel

hulitoons on 4/04/07 at 06:07 (226718)

I've found a site that may answer I hope each of our varied of heel itching. You will need to scroll down to the catagory OR catagories that most closely match your particular symptoms:


Re: itchy left Heel

Gerlinde G. on 5/03/07 at 16:56 (229066)

I,too have itchy heels. It is really weird. But after finding this website, I am so glad that I am not alone.

I am 55 and my problem started a couple of years ago and it drives me nuts. I have most discomfort at night in bed, but during the day it's manageable. As long as my feet are cold it's OK, but as soon as they get warm it starts. I also tried every remedy on the market, but to no avail. The doctors could not help me either.

I looked at the website you mentioned. It is really good, but I could not find anything that fits to me. But it's a start and we all have to keep looking and, hopefully, one of these days someone will find an answer.

Re: itchy left Heel

Dorothy on 5/03/07 at 17:29 (229067)

I don't have this problem but reading your posts and the others with the itchy heel problem made me wonder if you have ever tried some of the 1% hydrocortisone cream over the counter products for this? They are recommended for skin problems that are itchy types. Ever try them? I'm drawing a blank at the moment on brand names - I think maybe 'Cortaid' is one?? I hope you or someone else knows what I'm talking about.

Re: itchy left Heel

Ds on 5/05/07 at 00:21 (229138)

This won't help anyone, except to further establish that there are many of us in the dark of the woods who cannot figure this out. Mine started a couple weeks ago, wakes me up, left only, though the right comes on sometimes, to a lesser extent. Could it be dietary? Is there anyone out there qualified who might know? I've started eaten a few different things recently. Also, I am active, athletic... It's troubling. If anyone get a decent diagnosis...

Re: itchy left Heel

Ds on 5/05/07 at 00:26 (229139)

Ahh, just thought for a second more about this. Bought a new pair of shoes recently I've been wearing almost exclusively. For a while there was pain when I wore them, only on the left, above the heel, along the achilles tendon. That pain has gone away, but the itch has arrived. These must be related. A doctor?

Has anyone had a similar pain somewhere in the foot before the itching started?

Re: itchy left Heel

Jean P. on 6/03/07 at 22:06 (231051)

I'm sitting here watching tv and my foot is itching me crazy. My husband was on the laptop and I asked him to check out itching feet. Voila! As with those posting previously, the itching usually starts at night and interupts my sleep. I'm glad I've found you all, but it seems we have no diagnosis. The common thread seems to be exercising and plantar facitis. I've recently had physical therapy for the plantar fac. so, as one person indicated, there may be a connection. Probably plantar stretching would be helpful. Another piece of evidence that it's plantar-related is the fact that I had the worst problem with my left foot and it's my left foot that bothers me the mosst. I have been using hydrocortitsone ointment and have gotten some relief.

Re: itchy left Heel

Kristen H on 6/08/07 at 21:31 (231319)

I am soo happy I'm not alone in this. I'm 24 and started to have an itchy left foot about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes, it's just a little itchy that I can put in the back of my mind. Other times, it's a very abnoxious itch that doesn't stop. It is more active at night. I have been looking for solutions for about a week and just found this site. My husband thought I was imagining it, but, the fact that so many other people are experiencing this proves I'm not crazy.

Re: itchy left Heel

JESSICA on 6/18/07 at 22:33 (231802)


Re: itchy left Heel

itchy on 7/06/07 at 12:09 (232561)

I have had this problem for years in the inner part of my eft heel,went to a foot specialist and he said he cannot find a thing,he is baffled.I told him i want to rip my left heel open just to see what it could be.I use a back scratcher you know the wooden ones they sell for like $2 bucks and it works for a little while.It seems like 90% of us have it in the left inner heel.There has to be an answer somewhere for this condition.

Re: itchy left Heel

dr g. on 7/06/07 at 19:08 (232575)

chronic itching with out a skin pathology is usually nerve entrapment. It can be treated with a variety of medications, including sometimes cortisone injections.

Re: itchy left Heel

Mike C on 7/17/07 at 00:34 (233095)

23 Years old, Its been about two years, and only my left heel. So much worse at night. I have not seen anyone about it yet. The more stuff I look up, I keep coming back to Diabetes? But I dont think I have that. Please any sugestions would help!

Re: itchy left Heel

Mike C on 7/17/07 at 00:37 (233096)

I actually have a woodfile next to my bed when I wake up at night and its bothering me. Right now its 1:30AM, and this is the reason I'm awake!

Re: itchy left Heel

Xenia E. on 7/17/07 at 06:58 (233101)

Glad I'm not the only one dealing with this...For me, it's mainly my left heel, it itches only in the late evenings when I'm trying to sleep, and the itching comes and goes throughout the year. I've had planar fasciitis in the past (which caused me burning pain and tingling in the foot arches, especially right in front of the heels), but it stopped bothering me a few years ago when I started using arch supports and orthopedic shoes. I don't know if planar fasciitis can go away on its own, though, and I'm not sure if the deep heel itching is related to that or not, but it's still going strong. Do heel spurs itch? I've only read that they hurt, and that they those who have planar fasciitis are likely to develop heel spurs as well.

Re: itchy left Heel

Xenia E. on 7/17/07 at 07:49 (233104)

P.S. I'm 35 years old, and I read that heel spurs which develop in those that have had plantar fasciitis are most often seen in middle-aged men and women. Am definitely going to do more research on this...

Re: itchy Heels

Faye on 7/19/07 at 07:18 (233178)

I'm a 25 yr old female w/ the same problem. I'm a very avid exerciser too. My heels itch so bad at night that they keep me awake. My husband thinks I'm exaggerating but I really can't handle the itch. I tried spraying them w/ antifungal & that did nothing. I am constantly scratching them w/ a pumice stone. My feet are on fire!

Re: itchy left Heel

Giggles on 8/04/07 at 18:08 (233964)


Re: itchy left Heel

Bill D on 8/08/07 at 15:17 (234090)

One solution - The only test subject is myself so maybe some of you can keep me posted. I have had similar symptoms to the ones listed above...mainly at night, can't sleep, want to freak out, etc. Tried many things with minimal if any relief. My girlfriend's mother told me to soak'em in an epsom salt bath (easy, cheap soln). I ignored that. Instead, went surfing in the Pacific for 3 days. Voila, itchiness is history (for now). This was 2 months ago. I read this post during a sleepless night over 2 months ago and realized I now needed to post myself for you poor souls. In hindsight, the girlfriend's mother was probably right. I'm sure it's possible there are several different problems assoc'd w/ the above people but I know this worked for me. ahh, eureka. Good luck!

Re: itchy left Heel

bjhudson97 on 8/14/07 at 02:28 (234376)

soaking them in cold water or using ice does the trick for me.

Re: itchy left Heel

Ekath on 9/10/07 at 12:29 (235862)

I am 30 and have had EXTREMELY itchy heels for a couple years now. I was discussing my itchy heel syndrome with the nurse where I work. I also am having gall bladder issues (not stones, just mild pain after eating certain foods)and she said something about when our gall bladders are not functioning properly it does something to our blood (I want to say bilirubin?) that could cause itchiness in our heels because it all seems to gather there. ??? I am not sure if I am explaining this right... but I thought I'd mention it, as it could apply to some. A simple blood test can tell you if that's the case.

I also went to a podiatrist about it and he told me that it could also be stress related. This could also possibly be what's going on with mine, because mine stopped itching for several months and just kicked up again (after finding out that a family member is sick).

So there's some possible reasons... but I have found NOTHING that works at getting rid of it, except serious distraction!

Re: itchy left Heel

Pat on 9/12/07 at 13:24 (236009)

I'm 26 and have had this left itchy heel for about 1 year now. It comes and goes but have found that if I raise my legs against the wall (45 degree angle or greater) for about 3 minutes and let the blood drain into my legs, that gives me enough relief to be able to sleep. Just another temporary relief. Wish I knew more.

Re: itchy left Heel

adam on 9/18/07 at 02:57 (236269)

I've got the problem as well, both feet, often worse at night. It doesn't happen every day, but often.

One thing that works for me is dragging the itchy area across carpet or cement. If your heels are at least slightly calloused, this shouldn't be a problem. The slight pain or tingling is much more tolerable than the itching. Another method involves taking something like a hairbrush (ideally one of the round ones with very hard bristles), and vigorously scratch and even beat the area that itches. These methods usually solve the problem for me.

Re: itchy left Heel

Dr James Phillips on 9/19/07 at 14:26 (236367)

Hi there, your itchy feet problem can be serious, please consult your GP. But on the other hand do you have calluses on your heels? If this is the case then Calluses can definitely contribute to itchy heels. However, in your case it may be something more serious, as I do not have access to your medical records, one suggests you speak to your GP

The possible explanations include restless leg syndrome, burning leg and foot syndrome, and itch/scratch cycle. These are all forms of peripheral neuropathy. These diseases do not respond to creams. If there are no signs of systemic disease present, ask the GP for a referral to a neurologist (preferably one associated with a teaching hospital; not all neurologists treat these problems sadly).


Re: itchy left Heel

Dr James Phillips on 9/19/07 at 14:43 (236368)

Hi there,

Your itchy feet problem could be serious, please consult your GP, on the other hand do you have calluses on your heels? If this is the case then Calluses can definitely contribute to itchy heels. However, in your case it may be something more serious, as I do not have access to your medical records, one suggests you speak to your GP

The possible explanations include restless leg syndrome, burning leg and foot syndrome, and itch/scratch cycle. These are all forms of peripheral neuropathy. These diseases do not respond to creams. If there are no signs of systemic disease present, ask the GP for a referral to a neurologist (preferably one associated with a teaching hospital; not all neurologists treat these problems sadly).



Please see the following

Re: itchy left Heel

Mike C on 10/04/07 at 05:37 (237133)

I just spent like 2 hours researching this online, and got nowhere, any ideas?

Re: itchy left Heel

Cameron D. on 11/02/07 at 02:06 (238801)

Hi, I don't have any answers but I'd just like to add my story. I'm 15 and the itching started a couple weeks ago, unlike most of the other posters, my itching is the whole bottom of my foot and both feet. There is no itch at all on the top but everything that touches the ground itches. And only at night, but more specifically only when I'm trying to sleep. If I'm watching TV until 4am it is fine, but once I lay down and try to sleep they itch like crazy. One night I will go to bed at midnight and they will start itching around 10 minutes into trying to sleep, but the next night I don't go to bed until 3am but they still don't itch until I lay down with the intention of sleeping. If I am lying down but trying not to sleep they don't itch. It's really weird. I wouldn't say scratching helps at all. The only thing that helps is sticking my foot in the sink and running it under cold water for a few seconds, and the releif only lasts minutes at most. I already have insomnia as it is. Also I am not active, actually I am very very inactive. Last night my car broke down and I got dozens of bug bites and a spider bite 5 of them on my feet, which added to the itch and it is literally impossible to sleep. As I sit here typing the itch has died down.

Re: itchy left Heel

Phillip on 11/10/07 at 17:14 (239314)

I've had this for years (at least 15) and it comes and goes, although on average it has got slightly worse. It used to only effect me at night but it now starts early in the evening. Lack of exercise really helps (in this instance it pays to be lazy), and lack of sleep makes matters worse. Interestingly I never get it in the tropics. It drives me dotty on occasions and annoys my wife as I become quite restless as a result. In addition, my condition is worse in the ankle rather than the heel. If it is in the skin, it is deep down, as scratching offers no relief.

The following helps me -

1. I try and go through the itch barrier by lying quite still and resisting the huge pressure to move my feet. If I do this (it is not easy) for about 5 minutes, the problem may go away. It used to work without exception. but is not so effective now.

2. Removing as much clothing as possible in the evening helps (I assume because it lowers the body temperature). Getting uncomfortably cold often provides the solution. When I say uncomfortable I mean uncomfortable - shivering for 30 minutes = no itching for me - this is why I am baffled when I go to the tropics.

3. Putting my feet in a bucket of ice cold water for about 15 minutes really does help, although it's very uncomfortable while I'm doing it. Freeze gel also helps. I don't find that ice packs help much.

4. Severely tensing the muscles of one foot and maintaining the tension (although the problem effects both feet and may effect both feet at the time I only need to tense one foot - very peculiar) helps a lot.

5. If I have a really bad nght, I get up and go for a walk in the cold night air. I usually feel better on my return.

Apparently lots of people are troubled by this problem. Intuitively I feel that this is a nervous disorder (maybe anxiety linked) rather than a skin disorder, but I'm not a doctor. The doctors don't really seem interested so I guess that you just have to live with it, maddening as it is at times.

Re: itchy left Heel

Sheena M. on 11/16/07 at 00:16 (239532)

Hello, again, it is strange how comforting it is to finally know that I'm not the only one dealing w/this problem. I am only 24 and have had this problem for as long as I can remember -- off and on though and its not just my heels, its all over (but my right foot, NEVER my left).
I've tried everything I can think of (I have no health insurance so its hard to get to see a doctor), but the same type of tactics work to relieve the itching (to some degree) -- numbing the area (either w/ice or really hot water), scratching the hell out of it (to the point that it bleeds -- I can handle the burning pain, but not the itching), etc. I have asthma and am on allergy meds and get steroid injections (when my asthma is really bad) about every 8 months... and that makes no difference.

I seem to feel that this is probably a stress (or as someone else mentioned) a type of anxiety disorder/symptom. I am a very shy person and it would not surprise me at all -- I KNOW that I get stressed out very easily.

Knowing about soo many people w/the same ailment is bittersweet, because alas there has been no one who seems to know how to solve this problem (not just deal w/the pain)...

Re: itchy left Heel

Rachel on 11/16/07 at 04:30 (239537)

Jason i had the same problem 12 months ago no creams worked for me,.....I have my own cure and it really works,.... i do it when im in the bath i have long nails and if i claw round my heals and the bottom of my feet ive noiticed ALOT of dead skin has been comeing off under my nails and i mean ALOT of dead skin,....So i did this till there was no more skin comeing of,...Then after id put moisturise on to my feet and do you know what it worked and it was the best sleep ive had in ages,...So my problem was a bild up of dead skin which you couldent see until i clawed down my feet,...Hope you try it it really does work let me know

Re: itchy left Heel

Neo on 11/20/07 at 18:34 (239689)


I'm 25 too, and my itching started about a month ago. At first i ignored it since i have diabetes and thought 'it will pass', but it didn't. Guess what, it's itching right now as well. I believe that this problem comes from poor blood circulation which causes capillaries to fall apart, which thus causes the itching. Has anyone of you tried recreating? Or doing any physical activity for at least half an hour a day, every day? You surely can't just sit in the front of the computer and expect for the problem to disappear by itself...
I still remember what my doctor was always telling me when i was 11 when i first got diabetes...
He said: 'Son, remember. Follow these steps and you will experience no problems with your health during your life at all.
1. Regulation of diabetes: constant blood checking and appropriate insulin leveling
2. Appropriate nutrition: avoid sugars, fats, etc. at all costs
3. RECREATION!!! It renews you and makes you healthy and strong and etc.'

I believe he is right, what do you think?

Re: itchy left Heel

Joanne C on 12/06/07 at 13:36 (240327)

I can't believe howmany people have the same problem as me.I have had this problem as far back as i can renmember and it is only in my left heel.At first it wasn't that bad but now it is that bad it can actually wake me up at night.I havn't actually found a cure for this problem but i use a foot file and every night before i go to bed i file the area where it is itchy and finish off with a little bit of foot oil,i can't say it solves the problem completly but it helps a little bit.
Try it you never know!!!!

Re: itchy left Heel

Chris L on 12/15/07 at 09:10 (240829)

My Itchy heel problem went away...

This is the second time I have had this problem. A deep itchy feeling in one spot of my right heel with no visible signs of skin disorder. The itching usually woke me up at around 4am or 5am. This was driving me nuts. The first time, it happened a few years ago and disappeared by itself after only a few days. This time around however, it lasted well over a month. I tried everything to get rid of it, foot bath, cream, callus removal, special soles, etc. During the day, I rarely felt it, only when my feet got hot.

My itching always started by the feeling that 'something' was tickling my heel, deep inside. Scratching made it go away for maybe 20 seconds and then it just kept coming back, keeping me awake. I noticed that depending on how my foot was placed, the itching could be made worst or better. I almost found an ideal position but it was not always comfortable. I also noticed that again depending on how my foot was placed, sometimes I could feel my heartbeat very clearly in exactly the same itchy spot. The heartbeat felt a bit like the itching sensation but pulsated. That made me think that the nerves in my foot were overly sensitive in that area. At 4am or 5am, your body starts to get ready to wake-up, blood pressure and body temperature change, etc In my case, I guess those changes were sufficient to trigger the nerves to go nuts.

In the end, it completely went away by itself a week ago. The only explanation I can find is that I stopped taking Tums at exactly the same time. For the last few months, I have had increasing digestive problems and as a quick fix, I started taking Tums more or less regularly (3 or 4 a day). This was obviously not a long term solution and my digestion just became worst and worst. Last week, I decided to take that problem seriously, I completely stopped taking Tums and changed my diet to something more reasonable. Heel problem is now completely gone.

This is only my experience and everyone is different but I think that in my case, this was a neurological problem and the solution is not necessarily going to be in the foot itself. Lots of things can throw your body chemistry off balance and that itchy feeling might just be the more obvious symptom.

Re: Itchy left Heel

sdsd on 12/31/07 at 09:49 (241406)

Same problem with me. Surprised that there are so many posts. On reading everything, there are a few points that connected with mine.
1. I wear sandals
2. The itch usually begins when I lie down on bed.
3. The pain along the achilees tendon while wearing an uncomfortable shoe (though it didn't cause any itching. The itching started only 7 years after I threw away the shoes. Not related.)

A person who mentioned surfing in the Pacific (salt water contact) and getting cured.

The following theory might sound dumb, but this might help: My theory is that this might have to do with sweating. Sweat contains salt, and it could be possible that if your feet sweat, and the salt 'nourishes' your feet, the problem could be cured. I had this problem when I was a kid, but it vanished in a weeks time. All the years I've worn shoes with socks, I've had no itchy feet. But now-a-days I'm wearing sandals, and that just might be the cause. I'm gonna wear shoes and socks from now on. God knows why the itch increases when I lie down.

Re: Itchy left Heel

sdsd on 1/07/08 at 02:04 (241615)

Yup. Itching gradually stopped on wearing shoe and socks.

Re: itchy left Heel

Pat on 1/09/08 at 13:17 (241750)

Found a cure, I think. I have started to take a B-Complex vitamin. I take B-50 which is just a mix of different B vitamins. B-100 is also available. They help tremendously with the nervous system among other things. I have started to take a pill a day, missing some days here and there, and I have not had an itch in months. I think this could be a fix. Try it. It worked for me. You can find it almost in any store.

Re: itchy left Heel

Becky on 1/30/08 at 19:49 (242598)

I'm 18 and I've had this problem for about 5 months on my inner left heel as well, although it had stopped before that for awhile before returning again. The one thing I have ever done to relieve it is scratch it HARD. And just scratching it with my finger doesn't do it for me. If i'm outside, I will actually take my foot out of my shoe and rub my heel on the sidewalk which makes it feel a gazillion times better. It usually gets AWFUL while I'm sleeping, in which case I keep a pair of scissors by my bed and scratch my heel with the tip and that helps. Its itching now, by the way. How annoying.

Re: itchy left Heel

Heelhumor on 2/02/08 at 22:04 (242721)

Son of an itch! This left heel post chat sounds just like the right heel post chat I was just in. Duh...I think we all have the same freaken problem. Some just have it in the right heel and others in the left! Some both. Wow, who would have ever thought. Maybe these chats should combine into one amazing itchy heel chat room. I think Donald Rumsfeld has something to do with this. Go to the other chat and you'll u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d...

Re: itchy left Heel

Simon on 2/11/08 at 15:20 (243082)

Well bugger me! Here I am, sitting at work doing a night duty as a medical doctor in Australia and my bloody foot is itching like absolute buggery again. I've searched all the medical literature to absolutely no avail, so I thought I'd google it. And here you all are.

It's my right heel. It's worse when I'm stressed (thus when I'm at work tonight and someone's dying on me and there's no much I can do and lo and behold the bloody itch starts!). It is a pinpoint spot. The only relief I get is when I scratch it with a sharp object. I've tried local anaesthetic, temporary relief and kind of weird because it is still itchy but only much harder to itch.

We should all start a club.

I believe it is almost all psychological, sadly. Otherwise we've all been unbeknowingly abducted by aliens and a transmitter has been placed in our foot.

Itch away itchy-spot peoples and know you are not alone in your madness!

(PS if anyone ever finds out that it actually isn't madness please please let me know).

Re: itchy Heel TREATMENT

Steve S. on 2/19/08 at 09:54 (243356)

Not sure if this will work for everyone, but it relieves my itchy heel problem, so I wanted to share it. In my case, it appears to be related to irritable bowel syndrome, in which gas causes feedback to the brain, resulting in all kinds of symptoms: headache, restless legs, malaise In my experience, the problem is not in my heel, but in the brain, sending signals that make it feel like a heel problem (like in sciatica or phantom limb pain.) So here is what gets rid of it for me most of the time:
1. avoid foods that cause gas (onions, broccoli, cabbage, MSG, dairy, etc)
2. at the earliest onset of an itchy heel episode, take a suppository (glycerin or Dulcolax evacuation suppository) and some caffeine to stimulate the bowel (strong, hot tea is good).
3. then immediately exercise--situps, jog, or just walk in place--until the suppository works and you pass any gas in your intestine (note--I don't necessarily need to feel bloated for the gas to be a problem!) Repeat the glycerin suppository if necessary.
4. 90% of the time, this relieves the problem for me.
5. also, elevating the foot helps, in conjunction with the above, AFTER the gas is gone.
6. you can also talk to your doctor about trying Fiorinal--a drug for migraine headaches that seems to help block some of the nervous signals from the bowel to the brain. Also helps me some.
7. B vitamins MAY help diminish it some, but not totally, at least for me, but worth a try also.
God Bless and hang in there!

Re: itchy left Heel

Barb B on 2/21/08 at 18:26 (243476)

Same thing...itchy feet only at night. I am a 56 year old avid tennis player and walk a lot. I have researched and can only come up with the fact that being on my feet so much causes a release of histamine which releases at night. Occasionally I take an antihistamine like benadryl and this helps. Try it. I hope it works for you.

Barb Bell

Re: itchy left Heel

SavioB on 2/23/08 at 13:25 (243595)

Wow.... this is incredible. A whole world full of people with the the 'Itchy calx syndrome' (itchy heel). Now that we've given it a name maybe some pharma corp can come with a remeby :-)

But seriously, it is really annoying. Seems to be induced with stress. I've had varying levels of success with moisturerizers and parafin baths for the feet.

On a more paranormal note, the itch seems to precede some coming antagonism.

We should form a club though.

Re: Itchy Heels

DGW on 3/06/08 at 14:08 (244181)

Well this is quite amazing there are so many of us with the same unknown malady! I have had this on and off for years but it was just a minor feeling now and then. Now just lately it is back and has been waking me up in the early morning. Sound familiar? I would describe it as more of a tingling internal irritation rather than a classical skin itch as so many of you have noted. For me it is mostly on the back of my heel. I walk every day for 30 minutes but I've done that for years without this level of the problem. Some of you exercise vigorously and some not at all so that can't be it. I do not get stressed out easily so I doubt it is stress, but maybe for some that is a factor. I relate it to winter and dry skin but creams don't help much. Many mentioned heat and sleep as factors. I agree as I found that removing a blanket over my feet helps reduce the feeling. I don't have it so bad that I scratch it, just drag my feet around on the sheet a bit. I have been taking lots of vitamins for years, including B-complex, so that is probably not it either, unless I should go back to taking more B than I do now. I can tell you that the only thing that gives temporary relief in bed is to rub on some Arnica gel. That seems to calm the feeling. My blood sugar has always been normal so I doubt that diabetes is a possiblity. I see only one diabetic in the list. I will try the Epsom salts soak and see if it helps also I will try additional vitamin B complex and report back. Best of luck to all.

Re: Itchy Heels

scott r on 3/06/08 at 14:20 (244182)

I'm the owner of this web site. Google has been ranking this 'itchy heel' thread of messages high when people do searches. That's why there are so many posts. Dr Wander, please don't delete posts in this thread. Let's just let it go.

Re: : Itchy Heels

Kathy on 3/13/08 at 20:45 (244516)

Add me to the club. My right heel has been itching me on and off for 2 years. It definately happens only in the evening and drives me crazy. I was thinking of asking my doctor but thought he'd not take it too seriously.

Re: Itchy Heels

FRUSTRATED on 4/05/08 at 19:31 (245531)

it drives me crazy!!! theres nothing that can stop this constant itch and ive even fell asleep so frustrated in tears!!!! i dont even play a sport and my feet are always tickling and its insane!! my skin isnt even dry, i pumice it everyday but nothing.
im sooo frustrated

Re: Itchy Heels

Sam E on 4/09/08 at 13:34 (245651)

goddamn it! ive had this a while now. im 16 and dont do much sport and am fairly healthy in all other respects. it only comes up as im trying to sleep like so many people have said. Luckily for me, a few hard scratches sort it out, but its still very annoying. I just hope it doesnt get as bad as some of the other posters here.

Re: Itchy Heels

Mira on 4/15/08 at 09:45 (245856)

I have been experiencing this for many years..only recently it seemed to have gotten worse..i cant slp till late at night due to the itchy heels..i have it both on left and right heel..after reading the posts i was relieved atleast i am not imaging this is a problem that many are going through..i dont whether this thing is connected to any problems, i do suffer from headaches and i haf sharp pains sometimes in different nerves in my body i dont know whether i should be worried but this itchy heel is like comes so regularly whenever i try to slp..helpppp plzzz

Re: Itchy Heels

Mike F on 5/17/08 at 09:26 (246912)

I have the same problem, drives me nuts.
Do you spend at least 1 Hour at your computer at a time. Do you sit all day at work? Try raising or lowering your chair or if it is a fixed chair, raise/rest your foot on a couple of books. The pain is caused by a minor crimping of blood vessels or nerve bundles. It usually happens at night because most of us do our computer work just before we go to bed.

Re: itchy left Heel

todd on 7/09/08 at 17:33 (248352)

27 Y/o same as yall feels like it comes from the calaceus Bottom bone of heal, only on left side. I get it every couple of weeks, It wakes me up too. Icing it helps and I can go back to sleep, try that. I will try the vitamins and let yall know, Todd Austin Tx.

Re: itchy left Heel

AVH on 7/12/08 at 20:29 (248423)

Can you post some more info on the exact type of B-Complex you found effective? This problem has been driving me nuts - I'm excited to try the vitamins - hoping they will help me as they did you.

Re: itchy left Heel

Mary W. on 7/18/08 at 17:56 (248572)

I'm in the same boat. Mine started a few months ago, and I thought it was some kind of a bite -- maybe a spider. It's my left heel. I am a runner. It does feel like there's something under my skin, and I'm about ready to slice my heel open to see if there's a critter living in there or something. It does seem like there's a bump underneath my skin, but maybe that's just swelling because I've scratched it so much. I guess I'll try the vitamin approach too.

Re: itchy right heel

kathy may on 9/21/08 at 01:13 (250374)

Yes, a fork is my only relief, and I've had the stupid thing INSIDE my right heel for 30 years, with no diagnosis.

Re: itchy left Heel

Robert Gunn on 9/29/08 at 23:23 (250625)

Heels itch especially during the night . Wakes me up and is very undomfortable. Do you have any suggestions?

Re: itchy left Heel

aaaa on 10/01/08 at 10:19 (250666)

i have it like mad in both heels but mostly left.
i have acutally had this on and off since i was about 14,, and now im 31. it gets me just before i go to bed.. during the night,, and in the morning. drives me completely crazy. i have often gone to the kitchen,, got a sharp steak knife and just gone to town. i have also got scissors and just started cutting it up. i know this sounds nuts,,, but the itching is so intense and i cant find anything else that gives me relief.
pumice stones dont help at all,, they are too smooth.
and my nails are not strong enough to withstand how much pressure is needed to actually get any relief from a scratch.
... so so far it is vit b complex? anyone have any other ideas??

Re: itchy left Heel

Mindy on 11/25/08 at 13:56 (252600)

I typed 'itchy heels' in the search box, thinking it would come back with, 'it's just your imagination'. But I now see I'm not the only one who has this problem. So now I don't feel so crazy. Shoot I don't even need answers now, I'm just glad I'm not the only one. We should all start a support group...IHA...

Re: itchy left Heel

chris on 1/07/09 at 07:18 (253770)

I also have an itchy right heel that i cant seem to get rid of i have tried the vitamin cure but to no such luck. It feels as if there is something inside the skin, i've had it for over a month now aaaaaa.

Re: itchy left Heel

21 on 1/13/09 at 09:22 (253957)


I too was looking for answer to this but have found that your feet may need to be exfoliated. When I begin have this feeling, I know it is time to remove any dead skin from my feet. I love the ped-egg it really works well and your feet will feel like a baby's bottom.

Re: itchy left Heel

Charlene Wood on 1/13/09 at 09:24 (253958)


I too was looking for answer to this but have found that your feet may need to be exfoliated. When I begin to have this feeling, I know it is time to remove any dead skin from my feet. I love the ped-egg it really works well and your feet will feel like a baby's bottom. You must also use a good moisturizer or lotion for your feet and if this doesn't work it must be a medical problem.

Re: itchy left Heel

David on 1/23/09 at 11:34 (254268)

This is crazy stuff. I am a 26 year old male. For a couple weeks now I have had an itchy left heel. It's my left heal only, and it feels like its coming from the inside as you all describe. I take a daily multivitamin, but maybe I'll try the B-complex vitamin solution as well. Let me know if anyone else has found anything better to help!

Re: itchy left Heel

Folge on 2/05/09 at 07:44 (254784)

This is the only thing I've found on the subject on the internet. I have a deep itch in my left heel that wakes me up at night, and keeps me up, similar to others on this thread. Any new info?

Re: itchy left Heel

Eric on 2/05/09 at 13:19 (254801)

WOW...how crazy!! My inside right heel itches terribly at night. Wakes me up and I have a hard time getting back to sleep. I thought I was nuts. I'm going to take the B Complex vitamins to see if they help. I'm also run and work out nearly everyday for at least 45 minutes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: itchy left Heel

Eric Wilson on 3/04/09 at 09:56 (255609)

I've got the same problem too - it's so bad it wakes me up and keeps me up (it's currently 4.50am). It's only bad during the night. I wear sandals very frequently (90% of the time), exercise regularly (weights, running, cycling) and have had this problem on and off for months. I've tried steroid creams and benzyl peroxide to no avail - I'm going to try the B vitamin approach, I'll report back here and let you guys know if it works.

Re: itchy left Heel

Tamra on 3/06/09 at 21:49 (255685)

both my hels itch..some days more then others....itches so bad it hurts

Re: itchy left Heel

nikki h on 3/18/09 at 22:11 (256072)

oh my goodness!!!there is relief knowing i'm not the only one but also after reading the post, there doesn't seem to be much hope either!!!! i have an itchy left heelthat only bothered me at night when it came in contact with the sheets.i was basically ignoring it at first,then it started bothering me more often during the day. then i went from ignoring it to actually mentioning it to a co worker and they suggested an anti fungal cream. i started applying cream several times a day( with no luck). now it's getting to be such a bother that i'm searching the internet which lets me know i can no longer ignore it, this is a serious problem that might not go away. i'm a nurse and i really feel it's some type of nerve issue. but why only on my left heel and why only in one spot?? i started dieting about 6 months ago and i know i'm not eating 'properly' and come to think about it, this started only a couple of months ago and has progressively gotten worse, so i'm gonna try the b complex vitamin mainly bc it's the only thing mentioned that someone has actually said worked. God bless us all and i pray for success, i'll definetly let you know

Re: itchy left Heel

max on 5/31/09 at 01:25 (257837)

WOW, I'm 25yrs old male, I have my bad habits, but aside from junk food and staying up late, I'm practically healthy without any major health issues. And I too have this itchy left foot. Why just my left foot, I have no idea. It's been this way for about 3 months now. I've tried every itch cream I can get my hands on---and still nothing works! It boggles my mind and I'm desperate to find a reason, if not a cure. Unfortunately all I can offer here is my sympathy. Someone needs to uncover this mystery.

-itchy foot

Re: itchy left Heel

Gina on 6/17/09 at 19:29 (258203)

I feel like I found gold, seeing all these posts. My story sounds just like everyone else's; itchy left heel, sometime both, wakes me up in the middle of the nigh, products don't help. Regarding the comment about B-vitamins - I take them every day, have for years, and I still have the itch. Perhaps it's some other dietary thing? I'd love to hear what people are eating/taking/doing - or not!

Re: itchy left Heel

shona h on 6/28/09 at 03:35 (258441)

i do athelets too ndd i know hw u feel!!
im 11 nd i do irish dancing
its only mii left heel aswell nd its always in the 1 spot nd the itch
comes nd goes!!
im always tired in the mornings because im up at night scratching my heel!!!

Re: itchy left Heel

Amy on 7/08/09 at 23:31 (258752)

Hi, so i looked up this problem. I found that its really common which i am so suprised at. I too have it, like an internal itch in my left heel. I have never had atheletes foot or any other skin conditions.

After extensive research on the internet, my theory is the sciatic nerve. I looked at a reflexology view of the foot and the part that is related to the sciatic nerve is right where I get the itch (google reflexology foot image) I get alot of back problems including sciatica and I really think its down to this. I am starting exercises to strengthen my back and having physical therapy so I hope it will go soon.

In the meantime, keep scratching!

Re: itchy left Heel

Wendy on 7/20/09 at 04:13 (258953)

I'd love to know if your therapy is working or anything else!!
I have the exact problem as eveyone else, and here I am at 4-5 am searching to find out why my itchy heels are keeping me awake!!!
It is disturbing to see that no one has found a diagnosis or any relief.

Re: itchy left Heel

rob on 9/01/09 at 16:00 (260262)

i have had an itchy left heel for 7 years comes on very suddenly,alot at night.always feels like it is deep inside,not on the surface.seen doc.creams etc.but reading posts i am wondering if it has to do with pounding.i used to run up and down garden steps for a long while to keep fit.it seems as if men have it mainly on left heel and women on the right.any way my daughter scratched my face once and i got impotigo.doc gave me some antibiotics and the impotigo went,also the itchy heel went for about 3 months then came back.hope its not a parasite

Re: itchy left Heel

tom on 10/25/09 at 07:41 (261496)

I have the same problem with my left heel, my doctor said it might be the glue they use in the soles of your shoes (contact cement)...He suggested that i change shoes for a week and see if there would be an improvement...i tried but this wasn't the problem as i still suffer from a very itchy left heel...I did notice that the itch was less when i was on vacation... could it be stress related? anyways i desperately looking for for help!!

Re: itchy left Heel

MG374 on 11/09/09 at 15:08 (261842)

I also have this problem. Funny thing is that when I am busy I don't notice it. When at rest it is very annoying. Have had this on and of for about 5 years.

I do have peripheral neuropathy and accredited it to that. I do have numbness in my feet.

itch creams don't do anything. I have read about possibility of a fungal infection so I will use some anti-fungal cream to see if it makes a difference.

good luck all. This is annoying, but rather common, it seems.