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What makes tape stick better?

Posted by Tina H on 5/28/05 at 19:15 (175854)

I'm trying to tape my daughter's non casted foot but the tape only sticks for about 15 minutes and falls off. I've tried different kinds of tape and plan to order some from here. Her foot is clean and dry and she wears Birkenstock sandals or sneakers with orthotics. Is there a spray that will make it stick? Someone suggested Benzocaine but when I asked the pharmacist about that she said she didn't think it would work. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks Tina

Re: What makes tape stick better?

Suzanne D. on 5/28/05 at 21:18 (175856)

I used Johnson & Johnson first-aid tape for several months and found I didn't have significant problems with getting it to stick.

I hope you can find something that works for your daughter, Tina!

Good luck,
Suzanne :)

Re: What makes tape stick better?

vince on 5/29/05 at 06:17 (175868)

use Tincture of Benzoin to prep the skin and the tape with hold.

Re: What makes tape stick better?

john h on 5/29/05 at 18:36 (175883)

Super glue works better.

Re: What makes tape stick better?

Tina H on 5/30/05 at 13:47 (175896)

Vince thanks, I realized reading your post that I must have confused Benzocaine with Benzoin. Thanks, I'll try it. Tina

Re: What makes tape stick better?

John H on 5/31/05 at 10:06 (175921)

I think a good tape such as Leuko tape and clean dry skin should work for nearly anyone. Take a look on eBay for Leuko tape. You normally want find it in a drugstore. I bought some on ebay for $2.00 per roll.

Re: What makes tape stick better?

Tina H on 5/31/05 at 10:41 (175923)

Thanks John, I've never heard of that brand but that doesn't mean anything because I know nothing about tape. I'll check it out, saw your other post. Thanks, Tina