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Controling Overpronation

Posted by Terri on 5/28/05 at 23:33 (175861)

I went to a new person for orthotics. He said his orthotics did not try to control overpronation with high arch orthotics but something about the toe...can't exactly remember...something about the way the toe hits the ground and my foot rolls inward. Does this make sense? I have a closet full of orthotics and don't need another pair to throw to the back.

Re: Controling Overpronation

Ron on 5/29/05 at 04:00 (175866)

I'm afraid your statement makes only little sense. Orthotics should control over-pronation of the feet to greater or lesser degrees. Pronation is when the feet turn inwards while stepping. Suppination is when the feet roll outward when stepping. I can only tell you what I know, and that is overpronation of the feet is a cause of PF. Orthotics should generally restrict this movement and aid in the healing process.

My feet do feel better with my orthotics but they aren't perfect by a long shot. Orthotics alone won't heal PF, they just will control some of the problems by correcting the biomechanics of the feet to differing degrees.

The theory I read about orthotics was that they will retrain the feet to a biomechanical equilibrium, and eventually you can discard them. My research has indicated that is totally false and only a sales pitch.

Orthotics can relieve pressure on the plantar fascia and expedite healing. The theory is that when walking the plantar fascia is in a constant state of injury. If you can start a successful healing regimen while keeping your feet from reinjuring themselves, possibly the feet will start on the road to recovery. Without a break they have no chance.

What I don't get is why you would keep buying more orthotics since you have so many? Why so many? Did any of them work? Which ones did you buy?

Re: Controling Overpronation

Terri on 5/30/05 at 07:16 (175889)

Thanks for your reply. I have so many orthotics because the PF I've had is simply intolerable and I'm trying find some relief. The PF I have seems to be worse than most that post messages here. After a year of doing everything possible including staying off my feet as much as possible it has still taken over my whole life. Evey other possible condition has been ruled out and I miss having anything resembles a normal life. I've seen orthopeadics, foot doctors, and my primary care doctor and they are stumped as to how to help me. So, it is a case of desperation to find something that will help even somewhat.

Re: Controling Overpronation

Ron on 5/30/05 at 18:14 (175904)

I'd like to know what you've tried. If for anything else I'd love to know why, for some, it persists so long.

Have you tried ESWT?
Different types of stretching techniques?
Heat therapy? Heat can bring more blood-flow to the area.

Re: Controling Overpronation

john king on 6/01/05 at 14:58 (175990)

I can tell you PF can also lead to all kinds of other problems including back problems. Humans were made to walk upright. If you have to sit all the time that is not a natural condition. Since my PF got very bad I have started to have back problems. No disc problems just strain from sitting so much. I have had all kinds of orthotics and they work to an extent but after prolonged usage my feet just give out. I try to walk a few blocks every day no matter how much my feet hurt. If you lose your abiity to walk you are in deep doo doo. PF lead to my losing my career as a postal worker because that job requires standing and walking and I could not do it any more. The orthotics did prolong my ability to work. I have JSB orthotics and they are quite good.

Re: Controling Overpronation

Terri on 6/02/05 at 08:40 (176031)

Tried all of those treatments except for ART. Had ESWT and the doctor turned up the machine 'beyond FDA approved levels'. Made my foot really, really sore for about a month but that's all. I too would like to know why some people have it for so long. Even went to a chiropractor that did adjustments to my foot. He said the navicular bone had dropped. Whatever he did didn't help.

Re: Controling Overpronation

HilaryG on 6/02/05 at 08:58 (176033)

I know I'm being redundant but ART is the only thing that has helped me. It has not only helped my PF pain, but even my neuroma pain.

Re: Controling Overpronation

Richard, C.Ped on 6/02/05 at 13:03 (176047)

I, personally, believe orthotics alone can heal pf. It is all in the casting and fitting process. You limit the stretching of the fascia, the fascia will heal.

Re: Controling Overpronation

Ron on 6/03/05 at 14:33 (176082)

I guess trying ART wouldn't be bad if you have the money. I can see why you'd be so frustrated, and would want to give up. But giving up means being crippled or close to it.

What the critic might say:
You may need heat when you ice and ice when you heat.
There are better techniques in stretching, explore them all.
Custom orthotics, done by a professional, should be a requisite to claim they don't work. If taping works it's a good indicator that orthotics should work.
A masseuse doesn't have the required knowledge to eliminate PF
ART shouldn't fail unless it's because it's not for you.
ESWT can be done incompetently
Operations can be done incompetently.

It's my impression that most people believe that what works for them should work for others, and when they don't work it's because someone did something wrong. We instinctively know that there are exceptions to this rule.

Good luck with it all.