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Celebrex/Pain Meds

Posted by Terri on 5/28/05 at 23:42 (175863)

Does anyone else take Celebrex for PF pain? I'm concerned about getting an ulcer.

Re: Celebrex/Pain Meds

Frank R on 5/29/05 at 05:36 (175867)

Terri, be careful of the celebrex, I took it for 3 days,my foot felt great but I had to stop using it ,it screwed up my stomach big time. I wound up twice in the emergency room with severe gastric pain. Frank

Re: Celebrex/Pain Meds

Kathy G on 5/29/05 at 09:29 (175873)

I was put on Vioxx for my PF, Terri. I started taking it when it first came on the market because I had had an ulcer and couldn't tolerate any of the other anti-inflammatories. I took it until Merck recalled it and it helped me a great deal. I also have a tough time with arthritis and it really helped that.

When they took Vioxx off the market, I was switched to Celebrex. It doesn't bother my stomach and while it's better than nothing, it's not nearly as effective as Vioxx. I still take Prilosec for GERD and I've had no problems with the Celebrex. It is less apt to cause ulcers than any anti-inflammatories (ie; Naproxen, Motrin, etc.)taken on a longterm basis.

It's a matter of risk vs. benefit. The average person runs little risk if they stick to only 200 mgs. once a day, the recommended dosage. It's up to you and your doctor as to whether you are at higher risk.

From reading this board for a few years, it seems that most people don't find it helps their PF a whole lot but it's worth a try.

Re: Celebrex/Pain Meds

BRENDA P on 5/31/05 at 15:49 (175943)

I agree with Frank. R. My mother was on Celebrex and ended up with stomach ulcers that hemmorraged and she almost died. She was hospitalized twice and was given 9 pints of blood during this time. So be very careful.
I just wouldn't take it at all.

Re: Celebrex/Pain Meds

John H on 6/01/05 at 09:42 (175973)

Celebrex like Vioxx has the COX 2 inhibitor which is to help prevent stomach problems. That is why they became so popular. Some people could not tolerate Celebrex for a number of reasons but I believe it was the most widely sold drug in the U.S. It is still widely used because some people have no other drug that will not create major problems for their stomach. As with any drug one must follow the instructions and be aware of any possible side effects.