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Prolotherapy, has anyone heard about this??

Posted by fernando on 5/31/05 at 12:35 (175934)

Just read an article about this treatment....has anyone tried it ??


Re: Prolotherapy, has anyone heard about this??

Cyndi on 6/06/05 at 09:49 (176191)

This is a good site to see why NOT to have cortizone shots anymore.

I think they made my feet worse too.
Cyndi :-)

Re: Prolotherapy, has anyone heard about this??

Ron on 6/08/05 at 13:52 (176332)

I wouldn't recommend that site for an unbiased opinion on the subject of prolotherapy vs. cortisone therapy. Dr Ross A. Hauser, the apparent author of the site, wrote a book called 'Prolo[therapy] Your Pain Away,' and several other like minded books. He's an enthusiastic supporter of it, to put it nicely.

He doesn't even recommend the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)routine but MEAT instead: Movement, Excercise, Analgesics *and* Treatment. Why 'Treatment' is still confusing. What the hell else would it be? ;->. So he needed to make the acronym a word, but I ain't buying it.
http://www.caringmedical.com/symptoms/meatvsrice.asp .

So, I continue to look over his site and I find his case studies. I'm not hip on the professional case study reports, but his have to be off the wall. http://www.caringmedical.com/symptoms/casestudies.asp .

In his 'Autoimmune' section titled 'Rheumatoid arthritis cured' he quotes his patient as saying, 'this natural medicine stuff is for real! I am down from 3200 mg to 200 mg of Ibuprofen per day!'. Does that sound what a credible minded doctor would put in his case study? Maybe when I was younger I'd appreciate his enthusiasm more, but as I've gotten older it's just too easy to sound right, and so very hard to make a case of being right.

His case studies are way too short to get any kind of idea how accurate his method is, but they might sell you on his therapy. The 'case studies' are similar to testimonials, but he's trying to put some kind of medical spin on them. Unfortunately, you have to mix the message with the messenger when it comes to medical opinions.

I'm not against prolotherapy. Actually, this past month I've just heard of it, however, we must avoid believing that one therapy can be a panacea for a disease or a group of diseases. This is what Dr. Hauser is trying to promote. What's best for your situation is for you and your doctor to find out.

When insurance companies spot these types of therapies they avoid them like pigs do the sun. The 'enthusiasts' take a possibly good therapy and destroy any chance of it to have credibility. This doesn't mean more options for us sufferers, it actually lessens our choice.

I'm not saying to avoid prolotherapy, just avoid believing in it too much, and those that are too extreme in their support for it (especially this guy). Prolotherapy might prove to be right in some areas, just like the Heimlich Maneuver proved to be right over decades of it being used.

Science moves slowly. In this case, you *may* find your effort is best spent elsewhere. It's your feet, your time and your money.

Good luck with your investigation.