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tts surgery

Posted by lynn on 5/31/05 at 14:58 (175940)

I had my surgery May 6th,2005, I am now wearing a light weight bearing cast. I still have numbness in my toes and in my big toe where I had no numbness before. I have quite a bit of swelling still and when the cast is removed for showering and there is light pressure put on the foot I notice that the top of my foot to my toes turns a purplish color. I then elevate the foot and it seems to calm down.
I still have pin and needle feeling in the foot and when sitting the foot will be nothing but pins and needles and a burning sensation. I also notice the numbness when on the cruthes without the cast.
Also around the surgical site there is completly no feeling.
Is all of this normal?
I have spoken to the doctor and have been told the numbness is normal, there seems to be some concern with the swelling and I am taking medication for that, I was going to return part time to work tommorw but after calling the doctor and explaining the symptoms that I am having the decision to stay off work for a while longer has been made.

Re: tts surgery

Dee on 5/31/05 at 19:39 (175953)

I've read that some docs do the surgery without disturbing the posterior tibial nerve at all and some docs do disturb the nerve in order to closely follow the course of the nerve for a complete release. If the nerve is disturbed, I would think you could get the symptoms you describe.

What were your symptoms pre surgery? What kind of doc did you go to and did he give you an estimate of the liklihood of success?

Re: tts surgery

lynn on 5/31/05 at 20:46 (175955)

I had an nerve conductive test which was abnormal and stated the findings are compatible with a sensorimotor primarily axonal distal periperal neuropathy, the abnormalities seen on th bilateral plantar nerve conductions most likely represent the manifestation of the distal peripheral neuropathy and not of an entrapment neuropathy at the tarsal tunnel. That is what the findings state on the report that I had sent over from the office. according to the doctor who is a poditrist and works with diabetics, which I also have stated that the tarsal tunnel surgery would help relive the symptoms that I was having which were a burning sensation and numbness and pain in the arch of my foot. He did not really give me a liklihood of how successful this would be but I also did not know or was not told that it would feel worse. Do these symptoms that I am having go away do you know? According to the test the right one is worse than the left which is the one that I had done and he wants to do the right one in August.

Re: tts surgery

Dee on 5/31/05 at 21:03 (175956)


I haven't had TT surgery myself - have just been reading the boards for about a year. However, I do know the feeling of finding out 'after' the surgery that the doc did not give me all the info. before the surgery. You are still not very far out from the surgery, and I would think that things will calm down a lot for you over time. It could take many months. If it were my feet, I would not agree to the 2nd surgery unless the 1st one is clearly successful.

Re: tts surgery

lynn on 5/31/05 at 21:19 (175959)

that is my thought also. I am going to see my regular doctor tommorw I feel the pain is worse now then when then all began. Are you having pain in your feet or been diagnosed with tts?

Re: tts surgery

messed up foot on 6/01/05 at 11:30 (175981)

I had TTS release in February and still have numbness at the lower end of the incision and into my heel (which I also had pre-op). Nerve healing and regeneration takes a lot of time! My toes are numb any time that I wear shoes because of sensitivity at the surgery site. I hope that this passes with time.

The pressure issue is troubling and I hope that you are taking care to adjust your removeable boot to lessen the pressure. Believe it or not, the boot is supposed to feel comfortable (ha!).

Let us know what your doctor says!

Re: tts surgery

Dee on 6/01/05 at 14:02 (175987)

Yes, I have TTS symptoms, but my NCV tests came back negative. I've since learned that the NCV tests provide many false negatives. I have inner ankle pain and heel pain going into the arch area. Also, my feet do not like any shoes touching below the inner ankle bone or for that matter, they don't like socks either.

Let us know what you doc says. I hope it starts to feel better with time.

Re: tts surgery

lynn on 6/01/05 at 16:48 (175999)

the doctor said to stay off it for a while longer and does not recommend me to return to work yet. I am seening another doctor tommorw so I will see what he says since the swelling causes my foot to turn purple. My big toe and bottom of foot around heel and the middle were not numb before my surgery, so that concerns me. this is a long healing time however and you do not relize how long until you are going through it. I just hopes it gets better. Good luck to you.

Re: tts surgery

lynn on 6/01/05 at 16:57 (176000)

good luck to you too. reading some of the post surgeries for others it sounds like even though there is pain the surgery was worth it, I can not wait to get to that point.
take care

Re: tts surgery

Janet C. on 7/15/05 at 16:52 (178484)

Dee, I am hopeful that you are better now, however, I would like to mention diabetic socks. My DH is having some relief with them and he has to wear steel toed boots for work, but is wearing Doc Martens and gets one new pair a month. The diabetic socks come in hi and lo styles and are not as constricting. Good Luck! janet c. in SW KS

Re: tts surgery

denise h on 7/23/05 at 17:03 (178938)

hey just looking for some information on the surgery im going to have the first week of august? what do i expect how long is surgery and is it out patient or hospital?