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Pain...for over 3 years...

Posted by Michele on 6/01/05 at 18:25 (176001)

I have been in pain for the last three years with PF, at least that is what I was told I have. I have been to about 20 different doctors, two different medical plans (from Blue Cross to Kaiser). I have tried everything from physical therapy, orthodics, a walking boot thingy (which I wore for about 6 months), you name it, I tried it. I finally had an MRI done for the first time a couple months ago and nothing was found. You think I would be happy, right? NO, I am so frusterated that I am in this much pain at 24 and no one can help me. I was in a cast for a month which they removed last week. My doctor looked at me and told me he didn't know what was wrong with me. I couldn't help but start to cry. It is horrible when you pay this much money for the help and care from doctors, but they provide none. Today I had a 'second opinion' (which is actually about my 23rd, but who's counting?). He shot me with cortisone and put another cast on. I sit here after reading everyone's post and think this isn't going to work. I guess I just have to deal with the pain and get over it. What else does one do? Does anyone have any suggestions??? I told him to cut the foot off today, he said no. I honestly think sometimes that I would be much happier without the foot!


Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

HilaryG on 6/01/05 at 18:28 (176002)

Have you looked into Active Release Techniques (also called ART)? It is the only thing that has given me any relief. I have had PF for over 2 yrs.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

john h on 6/01/05 at 20:57 (176003)

Michele: You might consider ESWT. What city are you near? Non invasive and has worked for some of not many according to statistics.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Terri on 6/02/05 at 08:00 (176023)

I too had an MRI after having terrible and I mean terrible PF symptoms and the MRI showed no evidence of PF. I was stunned. It has all the symptoms of PF and all other medical conditions have bee ruled out. I too am at a loss of what to do. Feel free to email me at (email removed)

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Mar on 6/02/05 at 08:07 (176025)

Michele -

I can feel your pain and depression and I have a pretty good idea what you are going through. As you continue to search for a medical solution to your problem, whether it be ESWT, cryosurgery, or whatever, I would suggest a pain counselor to help you deal with where you are at right now. Chronic pain is an extremely difficult place to be, especially at your young age. I was at the point where I also asked them to amputate - probably half joking but also half serious because I could not take the pain any longer. Counseling, biofeedback, and meditation helped me more than I can tell you. It doesn't mean I don;t still get depressed from time to time, but it is easier to deal with and passes more quickly. Have you also tried acupuncture? Good luck to you -- I sincerely hope you can find relief -- Mar

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

John H on 6/02/05 at 09:23 (176036)

MicheIe: was not clear on ESWT. Statistics indicate it to be an effective treatment for PF.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 6/02/05 at 09:27 (176037)

Michele, first of all I feel your pain and I can sympathize suffering with low back pain for the last 16 years. If you are suffering with symptoms of plantar fascitis it is well into the chronic stage. So we actually call it a fasciosis. An MRI is not going to show this fibrotic build up and will come back negative. The only way to image scar tissue is either with a diagnostic ultrasound or a contrast medium.

I have dealt with patients with similar problems that you are experiencing. Hilary posted that you should look into active release techniques (ART) and I agree. I feel that you should be evaluated using the ART methodology. It will accurately assess all of your muscle groups and the biomechanics of your low back and extremities. The assessment will allow the doctor to identify the offending structures (muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia) and correct the problem. This is how I treat either chronic or acute plantar fascitis. I also utilize the Grastron technique as well. So if you want to know more, go to http://www.activerelease.com or drop me an email at (email removed)

I will do my best to help you because I don't like to see anyone suffer. So please keep smiling and we will do our best to make you feel better. All the best.

Dr. Rob

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

HilaryG on 6/02/05 at 09:45 (176039)

I want you to know that I just spent Memorial weekend in Manhattan and for the first time in over 2 yrs I was able to spend alot of time walking around the city. Yes, i had to stop and stretch every now and then. And i also had to rest. I also had to take some taxis and certainly could not walk as far as a normal person. But for me what i could do was amazing! I also know that with my extraordinarily flat feet I may never be able to walk like a normal person, but this amount of improvemnet is just thrilling. I owe it all to my chiroopractor who does ART on me twice a week. I just want you to know there is hope.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

M. Beck on 6/02/05 at 11:04 (176042)

Hilary who is your ART chiropracter in the New York area and do you know of anyone in Staten Island? If you would please email me at (email removed). Would appreciate the assist as I spent the Memorial day weekend moping at home. Also seem to have Tarsal tunnel and pf both bilateral so really looking for answers.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

HilaryG on 6/02/05 at 11:27 (176043)

M.Beck, I live in the woodstock, NY area so i don't think my chiro would be convenient for you. Why don't you look at the ART website. activerelease.com Click on the link that says 'Find a provider' That's how I found my chiro.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Ron on 6/05/05 at 08:45 (176147)

I know no one seriously would cut off their feet, but if anyone cared to know cutting off the feet wouldn't stop the pain. It might actually make it worse through phantom pain.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Ron on 6/05/05 at 08:46 (176148)

That's Graston technique http://www.grastontechnique.com/

Re: Question about Graston Technique

HilaryG on 6/05/05 at 11:35 (176154)

I'm curious about Graston. How similar is it to ART?. When I'm on vacation I won't be near any ART providers (my usual), but I will be near someone who does Graston. So I was wondering if I should try it at that time.

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 6/05/05 at 18:54 (176163)

Yes Ron, that is the website

Re: Question about Graston Technique

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 6/05/05 at 18:55 (176164)

Graston technique utilizes metal instruments to mobilize soft tissue lesions. I utilize both techniques when treating PF and it is quite effective.

Re: Question for Dr Rob

HilaryG on 6/06/05 at 07:38 (176178)

Do you feel you can go deeper with Graston or ART?

Re: Question for Dr Rob

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 6/06/05 at 09:05 (176183)

Hilary, when we are speaking about treating PF I believe I can go deeper with Graston then ART. I am talking specifically where the heel pad is and where the fascia attaches to the calcaneus. Those structures are very thick and dense and depending how much fibrotic tissue there is I will start out using the Graston tools then as the tissue begins to change switch over to ART techniques. The Graston technique also 'saves' my fingers from being overworked. I like to pick and choose my techniques based on the individual and what would be most beneficial. The drawback to the Graston technique is that you are limited to treating more superficial structures.

Re: Question for Dr Rob

Cyndi on 6/06/05 at 09:40 (176186)


Have you also had a BONE SCAN to look for a fracture(very tiny)?
My MRI showed nothing also, neither did the Bone scan but I had it at least. My Neurotin is helping some but not completely.
Good Luck!

Cyndi ;-)

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

Cyndi on 6/06/05 at 09:43 (176187)

sorry, My question was for Michele, Not Rob.

Cyndi :-)

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

john king on 6/06/05 at 15:43 (176201)

The only people I have ever met who understand how bad PF can be are right here at heelspurs.com. Most medical people just shrug when you tell them your feet hurt so bad you can't stand for 15 minutes. I was a postal worker. My feet put me out on disability retirement 12 years before I was ready. I have never had a pain management person address my foot pain. They like to do nerve blocks on my spine but forget the feet. If I could stand at work I would not have the low back pain and the shoulder pain I have now. It all comes together into one big painful blob and you become 'disabled'. If I had had my leg shot off in Vietnam at least I could point to it and say 'There, you see, that is why I am not working'. My disability is invisible. The VA says the Agent Orange is why my feet hurt....yeah, yeah.

Re: Question for Dr Rob

HilaryG on 6/06/05 at 16:39 (176203)

Dr.Rob, Thank you so much for your explanation. Hilary

Re: Pain...for over 3 years...

John H on 6/07/05 at 10:02 (176243)

John: I flew behind the agent orange aircraft on occasion but there is no way it is the cause of my PF. My roommate was the Commander of the C-130 agent orange squadron.