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Tape allergy

Posted by Scott Mc on 6/02/05 at 15:33 (176051)

Tape, on both feet, was the only thing that seemed to help. Then, a slight itch, after wearing for the tape for 3 days. I took the tape off and the 3 small red slashes turned , over 2-3 days, into feet that looked like I had been walking thru poison ivy.

Tried prescription and OTC hydrocortisone, calamine lotion, zinc oxide, and benadryl lotion. They reduced but did not eliminate the itching and redness.

Is there a med I can take orally that would be better?

The tape has been off for 7 days now and the itching is reduced but feet still very red and rough.

Do you recommend taping again? As soon as redness and roughness is gone? What can be done to reduce chances of another allergic reaction? Or, am I now sensitized and can't be taped again !?!

Re: Tape allergy

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/02/05 at 23:00 (176064)


If you want to test for hypersensitivity to the tape you could cut a tiny piece of it and apply it, seeing if the area turns red. If it does, then taping may not be an option. Oral steroids would be more potent that topical cortisone but you would have to use them continuously if you wanted to keep taping and that is not a good thing to do.

We generally tape patientns for two reasons: 1)to provide releif and 2)to test the effect of orthotics. As such, we tape in the short term and use orthotics in the long term.

Re: Tape allergy

Scott Mc on 6/03/05 at 10:08 (176074)

Dr. Davis: I got a stonger topical steroid that should help. The DPM and I have discussed doing a 'patch test' when the redness clears.

I have had PF for 3 years and tape seems to be the best way to handle prolonged standing or walking. So, I hope to be able to resume taping for those situations.

People often suggest I try a different tape but I don't think that the adhesive would change much (a strong adhesive is necessary). Would you agree that changing tape type is probably not an alternative? (Or, is there a hypo-allergenic tape with sufficient strength?)

I understand that many DPMs have patients wear the tape for 3-7 days but I feel this led to my problem. I noticed the heat and sweat building up and felt that slight itch on day #3. If I tape again, I would probably tape each morning or as needed and remove each night. Would you agree with this strategy?

Thanks for the responses. SMc

Re: Tape allergy

Ron on 6/03/05 at 14:03 (176080)

Sorry for the interjection here, but I think you might have missed what he said. Taping can be replaced by a good orthotic. It's not necessary to tape if you have an a good orthotic. Since tape works then an orthotic should be your next option.

Re: Tape allergy

Scott Mc on 6/03/05 at 15:44 (176086)

I've had 3 pairs of orthotics, made by 3 different DPMs. All custom, 2 hard pairs, one soft. Wore the 1st pair for 15 years; next two pairs made recently. I wish you were right, but, nothing works like the tape.

Re: Tape allergy

Ron on 6/03/05 at 19:32 (176091)

Sorry, I wasn't aware of that. No matter how many times I try to pin-point either what direction one should take or how to treat PF, I find that it there are always exceptions to the rules.

It's a very humbling experience.

Wish you luck.

Re: Tape allergy

Scott Mc on 6/06/05 at 13:20 (176195)

Sorry, Ron. Just frustrated. Don't take it personally. If you want to read my latest rant, I just posted one on MRIs. SMc