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To Richard

Posted by Ralph on 6/02/05 at 16:39 (176054)

My Ortho is suggesting a lift for my left foot to help with back pain. It would be placed on the outside of my shoe. He wants to try 1/4 in' along the bottom with 3/8' at the heel.

This seems like a lot of lift to get used to all at once. Should it be done in stages? Have you any experience adding lifts and the best way to have the patient adjust to them?

Re: To Richard

Richard, C.Ped on 6/03/05 at 09:00 (176070)

Hard to say. It depends on what is causing the back pain. If it is curvature of the spine, we really do not try to do anything about that. We have done lifts in stages before, but not often. If there is a leg length difference, usually, 1/2 the measurement is what the lift should be, that is how we were trained.