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RE: DR's puzzled,but I thinks it TTS

Posted by Kim on 6/02/05 at 17:02 (176055)

To definately find out if it is true TTs be very careful & check with a experienced Podiatrist or Foot/ankle Orthopeditric DR..I agree with DR.Davis & please read back on this board to check out . Make sure the doctor does an actual Tinels test & does a actual hands on physical assessment of your foot. Please ask your dr. about the medicine & side effects espically the NSAID's that can lead to G.I. Bleed/ ulcers.ALso ask your doctor if they are going to treat your pain & continue to follow your pain through time. Have your Doctor show you an actual photo of TTS. Please ask questions. Also ask about physical therapy, taping, night splints,etc. Ask about the the nerve conduction study test, ask about the EMG test. Have the Dr. check you back out to rule out any back problems.But, Please find an experienced Dr. in TTS.

Re: RE: DR's puzzled,but I thinks it TTS

lara on 6/04/05 at 11:18 (176112)

I think I'm coming in on a new thread that's from an old thread - and I missed everything but the above post so hope I'm not repeating myself, or misinterpreting the issues. A few things that come to my mind:

Not everyone with TTS has a Tinel's sign. It is helpful diagnostically and should be done properly as stated above, but not determinative. Just didn't want you to give up if you don't have Tinel's sign.

Something you might want to try even while getting a diagnosis are compression socks. They are very helpful to some people with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. If you have a known mass causing TTS (which I assume you don't given the title of the thread) then I don't think compression socks are as helpful. I was able to be treated with these socks and avoid medications & surgery (as long as I was willing to give up tennis and hiking and such, which I am).

The way I finally found a doctor that knew TTS (many don't) is to find a doctor (podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon) that does a lot of sports injuries. It's not a fool-proof method. I've never heard Dr. Z or Dr. Ed say they do a lot of sports injuries and they clearly know TTS. But without a reference that the doctor specifically knows TTS, it might increase the odds - it worked for me anyway.

Good luck!

Re: RE: DR's puzzled,but I thinks it TTS

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/13/05 at 23:45 (176738)

Don't forget obtaining a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV).