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My ESWT Update

Posted by DavidW on 6/02/05 at 18:40 (176057)

I had ESWT done on my left foot in January. I had no positive results up until around 12 weeks. Between 12 and 16 weeks, I had almost no pain at all - seemed miraculous to me. I have PF in both feet, and the funny thing is that my right foot (untreated) did not hurt at all either. Just after 16 weeks, I took a short bicycle ride, and the day after my feet hurt like heck. I am now at 20 weeks, and both feet hurt exactly as before the ESWT, if not worse. 15 minutes of standing or walking, and I am right back to all the pain and burning.

Sorry to be so negative. Back to the drawing board.....

Re: My ESWT Update

Ralph on 6/02/05 at 20:28 (176058)

Thank you for the update ESWT post. I think we all appreciate hearing follow up reports from people who have tried this treatment. Unfortunately your post is similar to others here that have tried ESWT.
I'm sure you are wondering why the return of pain at 20 weeks especially when we've been told that it can take months for people to get pain relief from ESWT and now you are back in pain again.

Sorry you're back to square one again. It must be very disappointing for you. Maybe you should take it easy for a while and start icing again if you haven't already started some of Scott's conservative suggestions yet.
Maybe even go back to taping.

Re: My ESWT Update

DavidW on 6/03/05 at 09:34 (176073)

Ralph, I continued icing daily after ESWT as per doctors orders. Now, as I am in pain again, I am taping, stretching and icing daily. I do not believe though that these daily activities are helping at all. I'll keep trying though...thanks for your feedback.

Re: My ESWT Update

elvis on 6/03/05 at 13:07 (176078)

David........when I did my own taping I got little relief. My new podiatrist said that when you put the foot you want to tape over on to the opposite knee then your foot is more than likely twisted problebly in a pronated orientation. He said that it is much better to have someone else tape your foot with your foot pretty much straight....not with your toes pointed down or up toward your knee. In other words pretty much 90 degrees. When the doctor taped my foot I got instant relief. Then my wife did it with the same result. Now I have my new orthotics (very hard ones) and my foot feels 80% better.

Good luck

Re: My ESWT Update

Ron on 6/03/05 at 14:09 (176081)

Which brand of orthotics are you using, or where did you get them custom made at?

Re: My ESWT Update

elvis on 6/03/05 at 20:36 (176096)

I got them at Oasis Sports Medical Group in San Diego. The brand is Sportsthotics by Langer. The podiatrist at the clinic made a mold of my foot by putting what looked like casting material on my foot for a couple of minutes and then very carefully lifting my foot out of the hardened bandages. They appear to be working fine.

Re: My ESWT Update

Walkingirl on 6/06/05 at 17:53 (176204)

I am not a doctor...just a fellow sufferer. Have you been stretching? If you haven't been stretching on a daily basis, then all of sudden you ride a bike, the unstretched archilles and calf muscles could be pulling on the heel. Riding a bike stretches those areas. If you haven't already, I suggest you work on stretching your backside from the toes to your buttocks. Consistency is what counts. It's all connected.

I learned the hard way that overstretching is NOT good! Do easy stretches and slowly work yourself up. Search the word stretch on this site.

Re: My ESWT Update

DavidW on 6/07/05 at 07:44 (176235)

Walkingirl, thanks for the input. I have been stretching my feet, achilles and calf muscles for three years religiously. I began total body stretching about 8 months ago, five nights a week. I recently started Julies yoga stretches since they are easy to do before getting out of bed. I have tried several months straight of easy stretching as well as periods of aggressive stretching, so far, it may be helping, but certainly not making my PF go away. That is Ok with me, I have patience and look forward to a day when I can simply go to the park with my three year old and actually play!

I also tape daily, for about a year now.

Re: My ESWT Update

Walkingirl on 6/07/05 at 13:33 (176245)

Wow, David! I sympathize with you. PF is certainly a bugger. I have lived with PF for 9 years in August. I had ESWT on 04/28/05. The treated foot is now better than the untreated foot. I am hoping I don't have any setbacks. Good Luck to you.

Re: My ESWT Update

Lynn F. on 6/07/05 at 22:00 (176284)

David - Realize that even at 20 wks you are still healing. I went back to my pod. at 13 weeks post ESWT, exasperated that I was still having so much pain. He sent me to 6 weeks of PT, non-weightbearing exercises -- many of the same ones you'll find on this sight. It helped. At 20 weeks, a trip to the grocery store would set me back weeks.

At 8 months I am 95% better. Be patient, it sounds like you're doing all the right things.

Re: My ESWT Update

DavidW on 6/08/05 at 07:01 (176311)

Lynn F. Thank you for the info, that sounds encouraging. I do find it a little hard to believe though that the ESWT treatment I had in January could still be working, but I do have some hope. The doctor that performed the procedure said maximum benefits at 5-6 weeks. At 16 weeks, immediately after my first relapse into total pain, the doctor recommended a second ESWT treatment - egad! So much conflicting information drives me simply crazy. I'm sticking to the basics found here and not putting any more shiny cars into doctors' garages.

Re: My ESWT Update

Lynn F. on 6/16/05 at 21:24 (176974)

I can truly appreciate your skepticism and frustration. I felt the same way. It is such an agonizing ordeal. And I found that people simply could not understand my plight. My dr. said I'd have to wait 6 months before a 2nd treatment (but I could get surgery instead!) WHAT???? At that point I freaked, realizing I was the only person who truly had my best interests at heart. Fortunately, I found this site. You may have to sift thru some (ie. take what you need.. and leave the rest) but it is very helpful.

I was well avised not to ice or take Advil for several weeks post treatment, as reducing inflammation could hinder ESWT. So in a way, it made sense that I was in more pain, since prior to ESWT I was icing regularly and taking anti-inflammatories. But I couldn't fathom a day without agony.. but it did come. I hope you get relief real soon. If not, seek another opinion. You could possibly have a tear that would only be detected thru MRI. Best of luck!

Hehehe - I remember my husband making a similar remark about the car! Hehehe