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bone edema, nerve damage 8 months post ESWT

Posted by supertwin on 6/02/05 at 23:28 (176066)

I have posted for two years now intermitantly, and posted directly after high energy ossaton on both heels in September. I've had numerous MRI's, and neural scans throughout my recovery, showing significant nerve damage to sural and peroneal nerves, bony edema still, and muscle atrophy, and edema in all the surounding tissues of the fascia. I stopped seeing the doctor who performed the procedure in November of 2004, and now see an anesthesiologist to control the pain, and a new podiatrist who is trying to get the nerve damage resolved, and the bony edema. I immediatly felt something had gone wrong the minute I came out from under anesthesia. I couldn't walk, and was in a wheelchair for almost two months. My new doctors don't know about this procedure, and have no experience treating damage from ESWT that I've sustained. I'd like to discuss exactly how abnormal my case is - just to know. I was very dissappointed to find out 3 weeks ago that I continue to have significant swelling of the calcanous, muscle atrophy, and inflammation of the tissues 8 months after the procedure. However, it does explain why I still have so much pain. To add, I had a clean MRI - no edema or inflammation, and fascia of normal size - and normal nerve test 3 days prior to the ossatron - and no underlying systemic cause/reason (except pronation)for heel pain. The only thing any doctor has speculated is that perhaps my petite 4-10 frame and 90 pounds couldn't handle the high energy shock wave. Please email me at (email removed)
Thank you so much