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bunion surgery

Posted by kmerr on 6/03/05 at 10:15 (176075)

My sister has terrible, very painful bunion's on both feet. Her doctor has prescribed surgery, and she was planning it. She has since heard conflicting thing's on the benefit's of surgery, and horror stories about the aftercare pain and such. She is asking me (cause her computer is down) to look into whether she should have surgery or not. Has anyone had it, and what was the outcome? A person she work's with said if she can live with the pain of the bunion (which she feel's she can't) then live with it, as the surgery if very painful and they come back anyway. I/she would appreciate any and all opinion's and answer's on this subject.
Thank's! in advance.

Re: bunion surgery

Mar on 6/03/05 at 17:51 (176087)

Everyone has a different experience with bunion surgery. My cousin had both feet done about 6 months apart (about 5 years ago) and is doing great. A friend had one done about 8 years ago and is doing great. I had one done 4 years ago and never recovered from it. I have chronic inflammation and varying levels of pain in the ball of my foot because of it. And then because I had to change the way I walked to stay off the area, I triggered chronic, debilitating PF in both heels. My advice with any elective surgery is to skip it unless the pain is seriously interfering with your life. Has her doctor suggested other treatments before jumping into surgery? I'm not a doctor, just a 'survivor?' Good luck to your sister. Mar