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pain, and lots of it!

Posted by kate on 6/03/05 at 14:49 (176084)

I had TTS release in mid-February and have been gradually increasing my activity level, just as the doctor ordered. I'm trying to get back into shape for summer activities and I had quite a bit of muscle wasting in my calf so this process has been slow. I had an abnormally long incision according to my doctor due to some sort of anomaly in my nerve's pathway.

Today after my longest brisk walk yet (about 4 miles), I quite suddenly developed intense pain at the lower part of scar. I'm talking very sharp pain. The terrain was somewhat irregular and I did elevate and ice my ankle when I returned home but now it is trobbing on the inner side and outer side.

My doctor is on vacation and the only advice that I get from his office is to go to the ER. My insurance covers very poorly for ER services and pays nothing if the situation is not really an emergency. I can't afford to get a another hospital bill since I am still paying for my surgery.

Should I be concerned about this? Use the ER? Or continue ice and elevation? Please help!

Re: pain, and lots of it!

Ron on 6/03/05 at 19:55 (176093)

I really hope a doctor here can give you some advice better than mine.

This is what I would do:

Your situation is only painful, and it's not life threatening. Take some kind of pain killer, aspirin or something better if you have it for the pain, or even ice, and keep the hell off it! Don't go to the ER, because this probably won't be covered as an emergency. Go to a medical center. They can handle so many situations. They won't charge much more than your doctor, and they might order x-rays. Even if your insurance didn't cover you the bill would be less. But I can't see how they can deny you coverage on this, because the medical center is a substitute for your doctor.

Right now what you need are pain killers to tie you over until your regular doctor can handle the situation.

Good luck!