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heel pain

Posted by clint c on 6/03/05 at 23:17 (176101)

i am in outside sales my heel pain is worse inthe morning whene i first get up. I have to crawl under a lot of houses and some times get stuck and have to use the front of my feet to push my self out, then I drive two hours to my next stop and can hardly walk when I get there. I am 46 and 30lbs overweight.what do you suggest. thanks

Re: heel pain

Ron on 6/07/05 at 22:42 (176290)

How does an 'outside sales' get under houses? Are you an inspector? I assume you must sell some kind of construction work for residential, where there are crawl spaces and you have to go in the access hole, which were never meant for humans!

This sounds like a bad case of Plantars Fasciitis. Your feet hurting in the morning or after rest inbetween effort is a good sign it is. Please see a podiatrist to make sure it is that and make sure it isn't that. You could even have a ruptured achillies tendon, but no one would know unless a medical doctor checks you out.

If it is PF, then pay attention to his prescription and research other options online, especially here. Many pods only know of a few treatments and they might not be aware that there's been some advancements in treatments.