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Pain in ankle after cast removal

Posted by Tina H on 6/04/05 at 09:54 (176110)

Hi My daughter, bilateral pf, had the worst foot casted(hard plaster cast for one month). PF pain at moment seems to be gone but she is having moderate pain in the ankle area which seems to move from behind ankle bone to in front of ankle bone. She got the cast off 2 days ago. Is this normal? I intend to contact the doctor after the weekend but in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions, we would welcome them. Thank you!
PS. I asked if they would tape her foot because when I do it it doesn't seem to stick. They doctor told me to check out the method on heelspur.com and use that. Wow how lazy is that? I told him I was using that method so he said use duct tape instead.

Re: Pain in ankle after cast removal

JanP on 6/04/05 at 11:05 (176111)

Tina, since you're an old timer here (I presume) I'm sure Scotts comment in the taping document about softened water causing tape not to stick is old stuff to you....:)