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Thinning of Plantar Fasci

Posted by Ted on 6/04/05 at 17:50 (176132)

Dr. Z or Any Dr.

Since my doctoar can't run tests how do I know that my PF is healing other than reduction of pain? You said something about thinning PF. I have ART done, tape my feet, streatch them, and do exercies. The tightness in my PF has gone way down, but is there a way of knowing it is thinning or healing other than tests or lack of pain? Thank God my PF seems to be healing with little flares here and there. I really don't have heel pain. The heel pain I had I think was from my taping method which I changed a little (it was skin irritation onthe heel). It is basically my arch right to tthe base of heel that I get pain here and there.