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Plantar Fascia

Posted by Mary on 6/04/05 at 19:49 (176139)

I have been having cold laser therapy done on my foot. Has anyone else tried cold laser therapy. I have only had a few treatments really not sure if it is helping yet. The Chiropractor I am seeing says it takes a while. Does anyone else have any feed back on this.



Re: Plantar Fascia

Ron on 6/04/05 at 21:30 (176144)

Cold Laser Therapy is a low level or low heat laser therapy. It's still in its experimental phase. I just read 2 insurance companies that don't cover the process: Cigna and Aetna

I must say that with a minimal of investigation on the net it seems that this therapy is up there with magnet therapy. Anything that increases blood flow can aid in healing. The question is does it work or not. I can't say. Your money might be better off spending elsewhere, but that's up for you to decide.