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just getting started

Posted by michellec on 6/04/05 at 23:51 (176145)

I have had terrible pain in my feet for about a month now and have decided to see a doctor. Where do I start, can my general practictioner help, a podiatrist, ar an orthopedic?

Re: just getting started

Linda V on 6/05/05 at 11:33 (176153)

I think it depends on your insurance and who you can get in to see in a reasonable time. I first went to my primary. He is a smart man, and diagnosed me correctly. He told me what to do for starters...rest, anti-inflammatory meds, ice, new supportive sneakers, etc...but encouraged me to make an appt with a podiatrist he recommended. Since I couldn't get in there for a few weeks, I could always cancel the appointment if I got better. Glad I took his advice, because I got progressively worse. But the podiatrist helped (it took a long time to heal, though) and now I am about 90% better. Don't wait too long to seek help. I think I did more damage while I waited about 3 months hoping it would go away on its own.