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Karate Injury

Posted by AndyF on 6/05/05 at 21:17 (176168)

Dear Doctor/s...

If someone has the time to answer my question, I would truly be grateful.

I am a male in his late 30's.

Problem area: Right foot/big-toe.

Several years ago while sparring in Karate class(Full-Contact), I tried a powerful Front-Kick to my partners stomach area. Well, his defensive counter move was to block my kick with his elbow-bone coming straight down(like a hammer) on the tip of my big toe just as I was about to hit his solar plexes.

What followed next was: P-A-I-N! His elbow jammed my big toe so badly that it was difficult to walk home that evening. My foot continued to hurt for the next week, but what scared me was that the next day a small bump began to protrude from my big toe bone. The bump was tender at first to touch...so I thought if I soak it, it would go down/away. Well, I was wrong...very wrong. What happened was that the bump got a bit larger, hardened into BONE, and became permanent.

For the last several years, I have been living with a foot that looks very much like a foot you would see on an old woman who when younger had worn high-heel shoes that were a size too small and so developed big bumps on her feet around the big toes.

This injury has curtailed my Hiking excursions, sports life, love life...and frankly, it's just plain embarassing to go to the beach.

Is there an operation that can perhaps cut the bone that's formed around my big toe...or perhaps move the bone...or something??? If there is such an operation, how much would/could it cost?

Please Help!?!

Thank you,

Re: Karate Injury

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/07/05 at 17:21 (176266)

The force may have chipped the caritlage in the big toe joint requiring reomval of the chip by a foot specialist.

Re: Karate Injury

rudy on 6/11/05 at 15:33 (176543)

they can shave the bone