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how are the symptoms of stress fracture in heel different than plantar fascitis?

Posted by pamr on 6/06/05 at 00:42 (176176)

I have had heel pain for over 6 months and orginally thought it was plantar fascitis, as I have had it before (in the other foot). I went to a physical therapist for several months, but it didn't help. I was very good about stretching, icing, wearing my orthotics, cutting back on aerobic exercise that involved foot impact, etc. It did not help at all. I then got some arnica cream, cushy heel cups and begin to take what little I had left of a Vioxx prescription. The vioxx had the most complete result, but unfortunately only lasted for 24 hours or so. I am unable to take asprin and Ibuprofin because it causes heart burn. Of course I now am unable to refill my vioxx. I now have a series of hard lumps in the middle of my heel that go across the width of the heel and are very painful to the touch and of course to walk on. Approximately a year and a half ago I had surgery on my other foot, which took a year to completely heal. I am sure that I put unusual pressure and stress on my 'good' foot. Is it possible to fracture a heel bone? What could those lumps be across my heel? My surgeon will not see me for my currect problem as he says he 'does not DO plantar fascitis'.

Re: how are the symptoms of stress fracture in heel different than plantar fascitis?

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/07/05 at 17:09 (176260)

I assuem you are talking about a stress fracture of the heel bone (calcaneus). MRI will definitely differentiate between the two. Often calcaneal stress fractures are painful on side to side compression of hte heel bone and may involve some swelling around the heel bone.