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MRI -- worthwhile?

Posted by Scott Mc on 6/06/05 at 13:18 (176194)

I have had PF for 3-4 years. All treatments, including one (Dornier) ESWT have failed. The newest foot doc is recommending an MRI. My expenditures on unsuccessful treatments are approaching $5K...could be way more, depending on how the ESWT insurance payments play out. My co-pay for MRI and interp on both feet would be $700 !! More money thrown out? What can this MRI tell me and the foot doc? 'Yes, you have PF' (we already know that) or 'we've found something that we can't treat'. I've had many neurologic studies done on a periperal neuropaty in my legs (MDS AND I ARE POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT IT IS NOT RELATED TO THE PF). These studies have cost me thousands of dollars and provide no info. (The problem is in my unsheathed nerve endings, yet each MD insists on wasting my money with their NCSs. They're always normal, as would be expected...)


Re: MRI -- worthwhile?

Dr. Z on 6/06/05 at 21:26 (176221)

What did your ultrasound show before your dornier eswt treatment? Neuropathy is a pre-caution when performing ESWT. No one knows the effects. I personally avoid peripheral neuropathy and ESWT. Just doesn't work

Re: MRI -- worthwhile?

Scott Mc on 6/07/05 at 16:20 (176249)

I had no ultrasound before the Dornier ESWT. DPM and Dornier Tech did not suggest or even mention having an ultrasound. I have seen 4 DPMs. None of them have ever suggested or mentioned a diagnostic ultrasound.

I have the 'muscular pain fasciculation syndrome' (Hudson et al, 1978, J. of Neurology). It is a neuropathy of the legs only. It is not related to the PF. The PF and the neuropathy feel completely different and the ankle (w/o pain or neuropathic sensations) separates the leg and the ankle. The neuropathy on set in 1990 (idiopathic) and the PF in 2002 (stiff-soled shoes).

The ESWT had absolutely no effect on the leg neuropathy. It also failed to help my feet.

One of the DPMs tries to tell me that my foot pain is due to neuropathy. He is completely incorrect. And, if a neuropathy, abandon all hope. Neurologists offer only expensive tests and no treatment. I have seen 5 for my legs. Waste of time and money; would be the same for the feet.

Re: MRI -- worthwhile?

Scott Mc on 6/07/05 at 16:23 (176250)

Dr. Z: Please see my comments near middle of this thread. SMc

Re: MRI -- worthwhile?

Dr. Z on 6/07/05 at 17:34 (176268)

There had to be an ultrasound performed at the time of Dornier ESWT treatment . This would show any abnormality in the plantar fascia. If you don't have first step morning pain there is little success with ESWT.

Re: MRI -- worthwhile?

Scott Mc on 6/07/05 at 18:44 (176276)

I will ask the DPM who oversaw the ESWT. I don't remember an ultrasound.

Ultrasound shows a difference in thickness of facsia and MRI shows both that AND tears ???

I did not have that type of pain. I had had late afternoon and evening pain throughout entire facia for 2 years when I had the ESWT. The PF did start out more typically, with the morning heel pain.

If little chance of success, I wonder why they did this $6,000 procedure. USWT have not been paid. My insurance company said that it was experimental and would not cover it. USWT assured me they'd get their money. Insurance continued to reject USWT's attempts at payment. USWT is now implying that I owe them the entire amount. I have consulted an attorney.