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Step Forward Foot Correctors

Posted by Cyn D on 6/07/05 at 03:37 (176228)

Has anyone had experience of these soft step orthotics I am on my third day of trying them

Re: Step Forward Foot Correctors

Ron on 6/07/05 at 17:42 (176269)

I haven't heard of them. How about discussing the cost, comfort, where you got them, etc...

Huh! Most people ask *before* they buy orthotics, ;->. I like your style.

Re: Step Forward Foot Correctors

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/08/05 at 15:55 (176347)

When an orthotic is made 'sight unseen' it is a bit of a toss up as to how well they will work -- you either will be one of the lucky ones or not as I see it.

Re: Step Forward Foot Correctors

SAS on 6/25/05 at 09:31 (177299)

Here is the url to these Soft step orthotics at $219.00 woohooo!!!
Think I'll pass!