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i think my foot mt be broken

Posted by glen on 6/07/05 at 19:15 (176277)

I had a truck basiclly run over my foot a couple of weeks ago. it didn't hurt that bad untill that night. i was able to work two days later with out that much pain. now there is still a little pain every day usally when i stop working. my foot never got black and blue just red and now the is a little bump on my instep. i want to know if you think it is broken and if it is will it heal without a cast.

Re: i think my foot mt be broken

Ron on 6/07/05 at 22:45 (176291)

No one can tell you if it's broken except a qualified doctor with x-rays.

I've found the quickest and cheapest (if you don't have insurance) way to get something like this treated, is go to a medical center where there is an x-ray machine. They'll do everything in a matter of hours. The other route is see your GP, he'll send you to a Podiatrist, then he'll order x-rays. That's three people, three days off work and three bills.