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Thank you Nike!!!!!!

Posted by Richard, C. Ped on 6/08/05 at 08:21 (176316)

With the new Nike 'Free' shoe, I can see business sky rocketing due to foot injuries.


Re: Thank you Nike!!!!!!

Ron on 6/08/05 at 14:12 (176335)

LOL! Oh you Doctors are far too happy when we all are *unhappy* paying for your new house... :->

Re: Thank you Nike!!!!!!

Richard, C. Ped on 6/08/05 at 14:17 (176336)

im not a doctor, and pretty much the payments go toward all my overhead. Everyone I know likes collecting a paycheck. ;-)

Re: Thank you Nike!!!!!!

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/08/05 at 15:47 (176343)

I think you definitely drove that point home. A number of years ago Nike, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon went to the California College of Podaitric Mwedicine and asked for an evaluation of their shoes. Nike apparently did not like what the folks at CCPM had to say and has not spoken to podiatrists ever since, to the best of my knowledge.

Re: Thank you Nike!!!!!!

Richard, C. Ped on 6/08/05 at 16:02 (176349)

I don't wear or sell them. I am a Brooks guy.