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Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Posted by Juby on 6/08/05 at 09:06 (176318)

After dealing with PF and tts for 15 years I've finally have no more pain. I had tts surgery for the third time and Sinus Tarsi Implant placed 10 weeks ago. I got to put weight on my foot 3 days after surgery with moderate pain and back to work in 4 days. Dr. Michael Graham in Shelby, MI. has a patent on his own implant. I would highly recommend anyone with atypical PF to consider this surgery. Dr. Graham explained to me that every step I took it was stressing the plantar fascitis because there was to much motion in my ankle. This excessive motion was causing the PF and tts, not the other way around( I do not have flat feet either), I really never had PF like Drs. Manoli and Zingas said. That's why rest always help my feet and never had first step pain. The more I was on my feet, the more pain. Monday I went shopping at the mall in flimsy sandels for 4 hours with NOOOOOO PAIN and then went on a two mile walk for exercise that evening.

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

john king on 6/08/05 at 09:36 (176321)

I think by walking around in flimsy sandels you are asking for trouble and a recurrance of your pain. Why do something like that if you have had past problems for 15 years. Over doing it is what gets most people in trouble.

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Juby on 6/08/05 at 10:39 (176322)

With the excessive motion gone I can even go barefoot know. I can not cause further problems. By flimsy sandels I really mean girlie sandels, which I could never wear before surgery to shop in, I had to wear New Balance tenna shoes, the sandels do have a little support.

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Norm on 6/25/05 at 18:30 (177314)

Where is your doc located & would you be able to share his # ?


Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Juby on 6/27/05 at 08:06 (177356)

His name is Michael Graham, DPM. He is located in Shelby Twp 586-532-1815 or Birmingham, MI 248-290-5500. He has done wonders for me. Its been three months since my surgery and I went to the St. Ignace car show this weekend and walked around for about 4 hours pain free in my left foot. Can't wait to have my other foot done in August.

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Juby on 6/27/05 at 08:08 (177358)

He has a website : docgrahamfootcenter.com

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Heather M on 9/27/05 at 14:07 (183652)

Would love to hear more about what you did specifically. I've had atypical PF for over 9 years and was also diagnosed with TTs but it was always manageable. The last two have been really hard with pain almost all the time. I did all the conservative treatments and had partial plantar release about 4 weeks ago. My foot is still very sore and the pain is overwhelming. I'm in Missouri but at this point would probably travel. I've never heard of Sinus Tarsi implant. I'm very scared to do the TTS surgery. Do I have to do that as well? Would appreicate anything, there are so very few people with atypical PF.

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Julie on 7/17/08 at 05:04 (248531)

Dear Commnentor,

I am in NYC but uable to find a food person to do my sinus tarsi sugery. I would consider going to Birmingham, MI if Michael Graham's surgery really worked. Could you please tell me the procedure he did and the length of recovery time?

Thanks! An otherwise active person fairly desperate for more information and help. Anyone with tips can email me at juliethebolt at aol.com

Re: Atypical PF Successsful Surgery-Tarsi Sinus Implant

Gin on 2/13/09 at 10:22 (255053)

My sister's arches have fallen about 3 years ago. Intense pain.

You mentioned you had PF and tts. What do these stand for?

Her Dr has recommended the implant surgery. He said it was relatively new procedure. It was a sinus tarsi implant.

can you email me back at aggie06mom at yahoo.com


Glad you have had a successful recovery. I know it is a great blessing to be able to 'walk the mall'.