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relationship of Crohns to PF

Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 6/08/05 at 16:03 (176350)

For some reason I could not reply to the message below but Crohns disease can be related to heel pain but not plantar fasciitis specifically.

Re: relationship of Crohns to PF

Jim leonard on 6/08/05 at 16:27 (176352)

You never do reply with a complete detail it seems you always speak in peoms...Are you really a docter??


Linda V on 6/08/05 at 17:25 (176357)

...note poster above...

Re: jim leonard's blocked

scott r on 6/08/05 at 18:38 (176363)

he's blocked he's the same trouble maker from ft worth texas using a different charter connection. no all charter connections from ft worth are blocked. they can't even see the message board.