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To Dr. Ed Medication

Posted by Karen b on 6/09/05 at 07:05 (176376)

Dr. Ed, Is there any other medication other than Neurontin that could be
used for nerve pain? The Neurontine takes off the edge, but I still have
pain. I am taking between 600 to 900 mg. daily of Neurontin. I take
50 mg of Elavil at night. What is your opinion of Topomax? What about

Re: To Dr. Ed Medication

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/09/05 at 19:37 (176418)

One reason a number of medications continue to exist is because some work better for different people. First -- what is the cause of the nerve pain?

I would be looking at wo different things: having a compounding pharmacist turn some of the above into a topical as directed by a doctor familiar with compoinding medications. Second: consider taking the nutrient: alpha lipoic acid, minimum 800 mg. per day for at least 3 weeks.